Thursday, March 24, 2011

THE WORD for Encouragement

Do you know someone who could use a kind word, an uplifting reminder or a verbal hug?  Is it you?  I know I do!  Every day, please.  God's WORD is filled with those reminders.  It's amazing how a biblical truth spoken into your life by the reading of the Bible, or by the lips of a dear friend, can give a boost to your faith.  I've been encouraged a lot lately and I must say I am glad to get it.  I needed it a lot.   Now I want to share it.  Share the love!  I'm going to be sending some encouraging words to some friends and family in a fun and cheap way.  Here's how:

 THE WORD in a mini frame.  Yes, you are right, a framed verse is not an original idea.  But I just wanted to pass on a reminder that we CAN take the time to do something special to show the people we love that we care about them.  The frames were $1 and I printed out the verses from my computer and did a little cutting.  It's something super easy and fast but it's nice looking and fun.  As I made them I said a prayer for the person who will be receiving them.  The verses I choose were ones I felt especially drawn to for them.  I hope that they will feel encouraged, special and loved.

 Having a scripture setting out at home is a good way to keep our minds on the things of God.  
(I think I should have scripture wall paper.  Does anyone know where to get that?) 

I put this one beside my bed in hopes that it would turn my mind toward things above at the start of my day.

How do you encourage those you love? 
Would you like to share your ideas?
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