Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Letter B and Number 2

There are so many things that start with the letter B! We read books about Bears and Butterflies. We played with balls; tossing and catching. We sang "The B-I-B-L-E" and "Baby Bumblebee"
The day we sang "Baby Bumblebee" we also made our own bumblebees using the template at DLTK. We made ours using empty toilet paper rolls and then just printing out the template and coloring it. Then we cut out the body, wings, face, stinger, and antennae. We then glued them on the tubes and I strung them with string and hung them in our kitchen chandelier. The kids really liked that.

We also had bread and honey for a snack that day and listened to the sound of honeybees in a hive at National Geographic and looked at some of their pictures also.

One day we made bread. That was fun and I had never made bread before. I have made biscuits but not bread. So I just used the recipe on the outside of the package of the quick-rise yeast I bought. It was easy enough, except that I did not really know how many times to knead it or anything. Anyways, we made rolls with it and they were good. A little dense, not the light and fluffy kind. The boys had fun mixing and kneading the dough. I need to practice making bread and hopefully get better.

I also printed out the Letter B Trace sheet and the B mini book for each of them. We also practiced writing the number 2 .
We took a muffin pan and I had them put 2 beads in each muffin spot and then we counted by two's. They can not do this on their own yet but I thought it would be good to introduce the concept. I found the beads at Hobby Lobby last year and have done counting activities using them many times.

We looked through old magazines and cut out things that begin with B and things that we found two of. They were able to practice using the scissors. Then we used glue sticks to glue them on a big piece of paper.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Art Work Frames

As parents we are so proud of every little drawing, painting or scribble that our children create. We don't always have the space to display everything they do (Especially when you have more than one child.) and there is only so much room on the outside of a fridge. I've seen a lot of great ideas for preserving kid's artwork and showcasing it. What I have decided to do at our house, is to showcase one particular thing that the kids make in their own artwork frame. I showed them in a previous post but thought I would share the idea in a separate posting so that I could explain how I made ours. We change out ours every month or two and could even do it more often then that if we wanted.

I bought the frames at Michaels and they are the type where you pop the glass out of the front and then change your picture. Super easy because you don't have to unbend or twist any of those pokey things that are on the backs of most frames. It came with a mat and I left it exactly the size it came because I knew I would need room for my letters around the top and bottom of the picture. To make the letters I just found some scrapbook paper that I liked and used my Coluzzle blade and letter template to cut out what I wanted to say. Then I used scrap booking stickies to "glue" them on to black paper and then cut down the paper to the size I wanted. Then stuck the paper to the mat. That's it! Pretty easy and now I just need to make one for Simon.

How do you display your cherished artwork?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

30th Birthday Weekend Celebration

I turned 30 this January and so did one of my good girlfriends , Stephanie. She and I were treated to a fun girls weekend by Misti and Rachel, two of my other girlfriends. We have all known eachother since diapers! We drove down to The Woodlands in Rachel's Mother-in-laws car. It was a Jaguar and it was a very nice ride. Stephanie was super excited about it. This Jaguar is named Miss Kitty, so there were multiple references to Miss Kitty throughout the trip. We ate lunch at Chick-fil-A in Conroe and did a little shopping in Target too. Then we went to our hotel , which was very nice, and then dressed and got ready for a night on the town!

We decided to go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner (Another treat from Misti and Rachel!) and I had a really awesome BBQ Chicken Salad. It was huge! We had such a good time just talking and laughing. Then we went to the Tinsel Town Theater and saw When in Rome. It was so cute and very funny! We all really liked it, even though we had to sit in the 2nd row of seats from the front! Then we went to Starbucks where we sat and had drinks and chatted. Then we went back to our hotel room and spent the evening talking and laughing more.

We slept in a bit the next morning and then got ready and went downstairs for breakfast. There was a large selection and so we had our fill and then left to go shopping in Market Street. That place is so fun. You feel like it's a small little town in another country or something. We mostly window shopped...there wasn't much room in Miss Kitty for us, our luggage and too many shopping bags! We ate lunch at La Madelines. It's kind of a soup and sandwhich type place but with real French style. Just a fun atmosphere and really good Strawberries Romanoff! I really want that recipe. After that we headed home.

I love those girls so much, it is so good to have friends and it's even better to have good friends!

Parkway Playgroup

Parkway Playgroup

Let’s Play! Every 2 weeks, on Tuesdays from 10:00am-11:30am, we can meet to let the kids play and the Mom’s visit! Please feel free to come even if you are not a member of Parkway Baptist Church. Also if this doesn't apply to you then please share this information with others who would be interested.

March 9th
Edeilweiss Park if weather permits. If not then Treehouse in Post Oak Mall.

March 23rd
Special Treat Day: Gatti Town at 11:30-1:00

April 6th

Bee Creek Park if weather permits. If not then McDonalds play area on Rock Prarie.

If you have questions or suggestions please call, Melissa Henderson (979) 571-1994.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letter A and Number 1

We started school in January at my house. I decided to plan out "school" activities for Josh and Caleb to do during the week. I started with the Letter A and the Number 1 because, well, I just like to start at the beginning. So here are some things I did with them for those of you who are interested in finding new ideas for things to do with your preschoolers.

I found most every idea online at one website or another. I will try to link to them directly for each activity I mention.

First of all, I am always open to learning opportunities with the kids so just because I designate a letter and number for the week does not mean that is the only thing we talk about.

That said, we did talk a lot about apples that week. There are just so many fun things to do with an apple theme.

We shopped for apples at the grocery store that Monday and purchased 1 each of Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Honey Crisp. I used the 4 different apples as kind of a science lesson. We sat at the table and discussed how the apples look different and came up with a hypothesis: The apples look different and taste different. So then we tested the hypothesis by trying a bite of each apple. After trying each one we wrote down a description of the apple; soft, hard, sweet, etc.... They did all taste different. We all picked our favorite out of the 4. I cut one of the apples in half horizontally so that they could see the star pattern in the middle. We talked about the different parts of an apple; skin, fruit, core, seeds and stem. It was fun to see them experience and learn new things and to see them having fun doing it.

One day we painted with apples cut in half. Some vertically and some horizontally.

Here are the finished apple paintings. I made these picture frames a couple of years ago, to hold their artwork. Maybe I will post later about how I made them.

One day we made Apple Butter. They really enjoy helping me in the kitchen. The Apple Butter turned out pretty good. Here is where I found the recipe we used. They have a lot of themes to choose from and I have found this to be one of my favorite sites.

We read every day but I found a few books that I pulled out ecspecially for the week. Ten Apples Up on Top by Theo LeSieg and The Ant and the Grasshopper (An Aesops Fable). We sang Way Up In the Apple Tree and a few other songs I picked out from the Alphabet Soup website.

I want them to start learning to write the alphabet as well as recognize the letters and know the sounds they make. So I have been using the tracer pages at . You can make your own or use the ones they have. They have letters and numbers. It's pretty cool. So of course we did the letter A and the number 1 during A week.

Thats all for that week. We are now on Letter C and Number 3. We have had a Letter B and Number 2 week and a Letter A and B review week. So far it has been really fun to think out and plan activities to do with my boys.

Wordless Wednesday

Simon took a fall last night and busted his nose and inside his mouth and lip. This is Mommy taking a look at it when she got home. He was not happy...I think his lip was 3 times the normal size. Poor baby!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kristin Hannah House Party

I joined this really cool site at the end of last year, called House Party. It's a great marketing concept. Different companies or authors (anyone who has a product they are promoting or selling)use this site to find people who are willing to host a party in their home with the theme of the party being their product. For example there is a Digorno pizza party you can apply for right now. I think Ziploc is doing something also. You have to apply for each party and then they will let you know by email if you are accepted. You get a party pack for your party and depending on what product it is will decide what you get in your pack. There are certain things that you agree to do as a host/hostess...all the rules are on the site. Check it out! It's a great way to try out products with your friends for FREE!

So I was accepted as a hostess for the Kristin Hannah Celebrate Our Stories House Party! The party was the 30th of January and I had 12 people that came, including me. For those of you who don't know (I didn't before this party pack came)Kristin Hannah is an amazing author! In the party pack I received: 12 copies of Firefly Lane, 2 copies of True Colors, and 1 galley copy of Winter Garden. I was able to read Firefly Lane and Winter Garden and I enjoyed both books immensely. I gave out all the copies of the books, even my copies. I was also given bookmarks with a Barnes and Noble coupon for the new book Winter Garden.

I had such a great time visiting with my sisters and friends that evening. We had some great snacks and did a bookmark exchange. Some of us bought our bookmarks and some of us made them. They were great and it was fun to hear a story about each friend that I hadn't heard before. We all watched Kristin talk about Winter Garden in a little video blog that was available for the parties on the House Party website. It's great to hear inside the heart of the author of a book and understand why the story is so important.

Not everyone had been able to read their copy of Firefly Lane before the party so we didn't get to discuss the book. I am sure there will be some individual conversations about it as everyone gets a chance to finish it.

All in all, my house party was a great experience and I hope to get picked again! Thanks to all the ladies who came for making it such a fantastic evening!

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