Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Giveaway Links

Several bloggers host links where you can link up a giveaway for all to see.  Don't have a giveaway to link up?  Do you just want to earn some fun stuff?  Then just head on over to these hosts and then choose the giveaway you want to enter.  Just make sure you read the rules for each individual giveaway!  Everyone requires something different.  There is almost always a mandatory entry which you have to do first and then you can do the bonus entries.  And ALWAYS leave your email address with each entry! 

This past month I have won:
A Chugginton DVD
A pack of homemade cupcakes from an Etsy shop
A coupon for a free package of Hefty paper plates
A handmade Valentines card (which I gave to the Hubby) and gift tags

Here is your links to get started on your journey to free stuff.

**I did not receive anything from these bloggers for posting this.  I just wanted to share with my fabulous readers!**

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  1. Whoo hoo! Congrats! I wont he Hefty plates too =o) I just love winning things! Thanks for the link!


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