Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Front Yard and I'll Be Back

There won't be any new posts this week but I'll be back next week.  
Except for this one, of course.  There is just too much going on!  

The trees in our front yard. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Caleb the Boat Builder

Caleb made a boat at preschool and was very proud of it.  They did a sink or float experiment.  So he was able to tell me all about the things that he found to float and sink.  He really wanted to show us how his boat floated so we set sail in the bathtub.  

Of course hubby was in the background singing the David Letterman song "Will it float?"!

Here is an extra picture just for the fun of it!

This was our deck this evening...I love the way the sun was shining through the tree.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Recipe of the Week - Instant Hot Chocolate

This recipe for hot chocolate was a recipe that my hubby's grandmother used and then his Mom.  He remembers making it as a kid and we have now made it almost every year since we've been married.  Caleb helped this year.

1 lb Nestles Quick Chocolate
9 1/3 cup powdered milk, 7 qt. box
1 lb powdered sugar
11 ozs powdered coffee creamer

Mix in a large container, seal and shake.  Store in air tight container.
To make 1 serving: add 1/3 cup mix to 1 cup of hot water.  Stir and add marshmallows if you desire.

Caleb stirring...he's been wanting to help cook lately.

 Dad showing how you shake it all up to mix it real good.  
It's a technique he learned when he was a little boy.

Getting ready to shake. chocolate!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mountain Lake in the Fall

We had a visit from Doc and Nana this past week and over the weekend we took a trip up to Mountain Lake.  It was a beautiful drive what with all the fall foliage to gaze at.  It was pretty windy and cold once we were up the mountain but it was a beautiful day and we did some hiking and then ate lunch in the dining room at the hotel.  This is the same place that Troy and I came to when we came up for our house hunting trip.  You can read that post HERE.

 We accidentally brought the wrong jacket...this is Caleb's but we later traded it for the one Caleb was wearing as it is smaller. 

 The lake has sunk even lower! 

 Doc and Nana

It's a beautiful world!  Go out and enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Down the Mountain

Linked to Wordless Wednesday and HERE.

New Testament Tuesday #6

The reading this week was 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians.  There were so many things that stood out to me but I'll just share one.  It was in 2 Corinthians 2:15&16
"For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing; to the one an aroma from death to death, to the other an aroma from life to life.  And who is adequate for these things?"

There are many references in the old and new testament where it speaks of "fragrance" or "fragrant aromas".
In Ezekiel 20:41 God is speaking through his prophet saying, "As a soothing aroma I shall accept you,...".  In Ephesians 5:2 Paul speaks of Christ who, "gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma."  In Phillipians 4:18 Paul writes that "having received from Epaphrditus what you have sent, a fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God."

It seems to me that fragrance is portrayed as a gift or an offering.  I am supposed to present myself, my life, all that I am to God and for his use.  That is my offering to Him.  The fragrance of Chirst is his offering, his sacrifice for us and as believers who are "being saved" His aroma should be all over us.  In 1 Corinthians 1:18 it says, "For the word of the cross is to those who are perishing foolishness, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."  "Death to death" and "life to life".

As for the "who is adequate for these things?" part, that is answered in 2 Corinthians 3:5, "Not that we are adequate (sufficient) in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God.".  Phew!  What a relief!  I don't have to rely on myself!  Just like 2 Corinthians 12:9 says (God speaking), "My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness."!

Lord I pray that you will grant me your sufficiency.  That you will use my life for your purpose and that it will be a fragrant aroma fully pleasing to you.  May I be dependent on you and the cross and fully aware of the false promises of enemy.  Thank you for your word and thank you for your redemptive love.  Amen.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Walk Around the Neighborhood to Enjoy Fall Foliage

 Love these colors!

 Isn't this color beautiful?!  

My boys.  They are always ready for an adventure.

 The wood pile sheltered by this little guy.

 Close up of the above tree's leaves.

 There was a little leaf tossing.

 These are my favorite trees in the whole neighborhood.
 They did some raking that day.

The leaves were back the next day!

  We did some collecting and wishing along the way.

I love the way the light was shining through these trees.

We stopped to play at the playground for a bit.

I'm not sure why, but there was some dancing.

I made them stop and pose.  They hate it when I do that.  Oh well!

Family Fall Tree

  I love artwork that is done with hand prints.  I love fall.  
Put those two together and this is what you get:

A Family Fall Tree!  
 I painted this tree trunk on their easel paper and then cut it out and taped it on the wall.  
 Then we made leaves with 
tempera paint, manila paper and our hands.
 Josh informed me that he knew how to do this 
and that he could do it by himself, and he did.

Simon painted more than just the paper.  The orange paint did not come out of that shirt by the way.
 Caleb didn't quite get the idea of making separate hand prints.  
I had to intervene and help him out.

After our hand prints dried I cut them out and then taped 
them all around in the branches of the tree.  
Hubby and I have our prints in there too. 

There is the wall in my dining room.  The table is pulled out more than it usually is so that I could get behind there to work.  
I think it adds a fun touch to our dining area.  
I love our tree and I love my family.

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