Monday, March 21, 2011

Caleb's First Soccer Game

Caleb played his first soccer game on Friday evening. He did really well and so did his little team. They were all so cute! They didn't get their jerseys in time for this game but hopefully before this Friday we will have them. Their color will be turquoise and I don't think they have a name yet.  There was talk of Lions and maybe The Storms?  Troy is coaching and this is his first season as head coach.  He assisted when Josh played last year and I am so glad that he is able to do this with the boys.  He doesn't have an assistant yet but hopefully he will have some help next week.  Josh helped him some.  But, I'm to busy chasing Simon around to really help much.  Two year old little boys don't really like watching...they would rather do.  He made it a personal goal to kick over every cone and marker!  Arghhhh!

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  1. I love how dad bends over & kneels down talk to the little tikes. You will blink and he'll be looking UP at them!...and your 'cone kicker' will be graduating from high school! ENJOY all these days, they don't last long. ;)


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