Monday, March 14, 2011

Lucky Shirts

These guys are MY lucky charms!  Aren't their expressions hilarious!  I HAD to make them some shirts to wear for Thursday.  I think they turned out pretty durn cute!

I purchased Josh and Caleb's shirts at Jo Ann's Fabrics, along with some material for the shamrock and some iron on letters.

I started off by washing everything and finding a shamrock pattern online.  Here is the Shamrock Pattern I used.  Then I ironed on a piece of Heat n Bond to the back of my material.  Following the package directions.  I then traced out my shamrock on the paper covered material.  Then cut it out.  I peeled off the paper and placed my shamrock on the shirt and then ironed it on according to the package directions.  Then I sewed around the edges with some green thread.  I then cut out the letters to spell "Lucky" from my iron on letter sheet.  Then I placed them on my shirt and ironed them on according to the package directions.  The directions are super easy to follow.  And that's it!  Took me about an hour to make 3 t-shirts.

I just used a shirt that Simon already had for his.  But since his shirt was white and the letters were white, I had to put his word on his shamrock.  So his just says "Luck" so that it would fit nicely.  This was before he hit his head on the door knob.  Understandably after that he wasn't happy and he was done taking pictures.

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  1. Very cute and I can't get over how tall Josh is

  2. Those expressions are silly but they go well with their wacky hair-lol. Love the shirts.

  3. Those are adorable and they are!!

    Newest follower..hope you can follow back!!!

    Hope you had a fabulous Monday..


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