Thursday, March 3, 2011

E A T Sign Tutorial

I've seen lot's of variations on this sign and so I thought I would come up with my own. I have some records that I've been wanting to craft with and I thought they would be excellent for this project.  I included a tutorial on how I made mine, just in case you wanted to make one of your own. 

1.  I purchased these wooden letters from JoAnn Fabrics.  I used acrylic paint in the color Espresso.  I brushed on 2 coats.

2.  While the letters are drying gather your records.  One for each letter and wipe them down with a damp cloth.  Mine were a little dusty. 

3.  Gather your other supplies:  3-12x12 pieces of decorative scrapbook paper, an Exacto knife,  Mod Podge, a paint brush,  newspaper to lay it all out on, and a mat that you can safely cut on.

4.  Take your record and brush a coat of Mod Podge onto one side.  Then paint a coat onto the backside of the decorative paper.  Place your record (glue side to glue side) onto the middle of the paper.

5.  Turn the record over and using your hand smooth out the paper from the center out to the edges.

6.  Let the paper dry a little bit so it will be easier to cut.

7.  Using your exacto knife cut around the record leaving about an inch of paper all around.

8.  Using your exacto knife make slits in your paper from the outside of your record to the end of your paper.  Make these all the way around.

9.  As you can see, by cutting the slits you have made little tabs.  Brush on some Mod Podge at the edge of the record and then one by one fold the tabs down onto the record.

10.  After you have glued down all the tabs let it dry for a bit.

11.  Lay out your paper covered records and place your letters on them to figure out placement.  

12.  Once you know where you want them use a glue to put the letters on.  I used Elmer's but you could probably use Mod Podge and it would work just as well.  I think hot glue would be too bulky.  

13.  I used big paper clips for my hanging hardware.  I just bent the big loop out from the small loop a tad.  I marked on the record where they should be glued.

14.  I used hot glue to stick the paper clip to the back of the record.  I just pushed the small loop into the glue and then let it dry.

15.  When everything is completely set and dry then you can hang them on the wall!  



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  1. Records! Cool! I made an "EAT" sign for a friend and we kept switching the letters around to Ate, and Tea as a joke :)


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