Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring 2011

It doesn't really feel like Spring yet.  At least not to me.  Not when it's still below 60.  However, it is looking like Spring.  There are flowers blooming and things are starting to turn green again!  Yay!  Troy even mowed on Saturday!  He hasn't been able to do that since the Fall.  On Sunday we made an effort to welcome Spring.  

 We visited the ducks at the VT pond and tried to feed them.  
They didn't come flocking like they usually do. 

They climbed the "climbing tree".

Then we headed over to a shop called 
Rita's where we got FREE Italian Ice's. 

 I got Mango flavor.  Troy got Orange Creme.  
Simon got lemonade.  Josh and Caleb both got Cotton Candy.  
They were really yummy but it was hard to eat since it 
was so cold outside.  I think we all got brain freeze!

 One of their favorite things is to put money in the parking meter.  I love their expressions in this picture!  Clowns!

Then the boys (including Troy) all got haircuts at Sport Clips. 

 Simon did not do well.  But it's cut!

Here are some daffodils that were growing at the pond.  
They seem like a popular flower here.  They sure are cheerful!

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  1. Charlie gets his cut there as well. Maybe they can go together one day for a "spa day." ;-)


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