Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Shaving Cream War...

Swagbucks: Easy way to earn FREE stuff

Swagbucks is the search engine that rewards you for searching. I have been using Swagbucks since November of 2009. I have received $30 worth of gift cards since then!

Basically you search and they randomly award you bucks. Sometimes you might get 10 and sometimes you might get 50! As your bucks add up you can cash them in for different prizes! I just always choose because I can get so many different things there. You can also get bucks by completing their special offers, shopping through their site, and trading in your old phones, video games and consoles.

I have never done anything but the searching and I will admit that the searches are not always relevant can always go to Swagbucks and search for google! Also when you have someone sign up under you, you get more bucks. Because everytime your friend wins, you win!

So if you decide this is something you would like to try, then please go to my link at the bottom of the blog. There is a Swagbucks widget that shows how many Swagbucks I currently have, and a banner at the very bottom. If you click either one of those it will take you to their site and get you set up. If you just type in the site and go there directly you won't be signed up under will be signed up under the Swag Guy who owns the site and already has a ton of Swagbucks!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away! There is no reason why everyone shouldn't be getting in on these FREE goodies!

Resurrection Eggs: Egg Eight

*This is number eight of a twelve post series. There will be a new one each day for the next five days*

Egg #8: Dice for Gambling

"The Roman Soldiers used dice to gamble for Jesus's robe.

Read: John 19:23-25

Did you know that Jesus hardly owned anything in this world? So when the soldiers gambled for Jesus's clothes at the cross, it was sad that they were so selfish and cared so little for Him. Psalm 22:18 foretells, hundreds of years before this event, how the Roman soldiers would gamble for Jesus's clothes: 'They divide my garments among them, and for my clothing they cast lots.'

Jesus shows us what we are to do when others wrong us. He actually asked for forgiveness from His Father for the soldiers who were about to crucify Him. Luke 23:34 tells us what He prayed: 'Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.' Isn't this a great example of how we should treat those who are mean to us or hate us? We know from God's Word, the Bible, that we need to pray for our enemies. We are also told that we need to forgive them, just as Jesus showed us."

From Resurrection Eggs Randal Lee Walti

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Downtown Derby

This past Saturday I participated in my first 5K run/walk. It was the 1st Downtown Derby hosted by the Junior League of B/CS. It was so much fun! My Aunt Carolyn and sister Melanie came to walk with me and that made it go by so fast because we talked the whole way. Melanie and I jogged the last block and went across the finish line a little under 54 minutes! I thought it would take us over an hour just walking, so glad it didn't. They had prizes to giveaway at the end (which none of us won) and bagels and fruit for refreshment. It was a lot of fun and I plan on doing another one soon!

Here is the starting line. We are kind of in the middle. You can barely see me over on the right side, just behind a blonde chick wearing a red shirt. You can only see half my face.

Here we are starting out. Josh was yelling at me, "Mom, you're losing!" He is so competitive!

Resurrection Eggs: Egg Seven

*This is number seven of a twelve post series. There will be a new one each day for the next six days*

Egg #7: Nails in the Cross

"Three large nails were driven into Jesus's hands and feet to nail Him to the cross.

Read: John 19:16:22

Why did Jesus have to die? He died so our sins could be forgiven and so we could live forever with God. In Romans 3:23 the Bible says, 'All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.'

In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve and gave them the freedom to choose. Sadly, when given the choice to obey God, they chose to disobey Him instead. The result was that Adam and Eve were separated from God. And as offspring (or great, great, great grandchildren of Adam and Eve), we are born sinful and separated from God. We also willfully disobey or rebel against God every day, which makes it clear we are sinners all on our own.

There are many different ways we disobey God. We disobey Him when we are selfish with toys or other things. We disobey Him when we hit our brother or sister, or lie, cheat, or steal. We disobey Him if we're told to do something by our parents and don't, or we do what we're told but complain. We know children are to obey their parents because God tells us this in His commandments. He wants us to honor, respect, and listen to them; if we don't, we sin. When we sin, we're saying to God that we want to be the god or ruler of our own lives.

God does not sin. He is perfect and holy. He hates sin. So maybe you understand why our sin keeps us from God. It's as though there's a big canyon between us and God that we can never cross on our own.

No matter how hard we try, we can't reach God. Because God is holy, our sin separates us from Him. It wouldn't be right for God to let sin go unpunished, and so He punishes all sin with death. There is only one way we can be free from the punishment or 'death' we deserve. Do you want to know how?

Here is the good news!
God the Father provided only one way to escape the punishment of sin by sending His only Son, Jesus, to die. Jesus received the death that sinners like us deserve. Because Jesus is the perfect Son of God, only He could be punished in the place of sinners like us! By His death on the cross, Jesus built a bridge for believers across the canyon of sin and separation.

Would you like to have a relationship with Jesus, be forgiven for all your sins, and live forever with God in heaven? If you are willing to repent or turn away from your sins and believe in Jesus and His death on the cross for sinners, just tell Him right now. he promises that if you turn and trust only in Him, He will forgive you and make you clean inside. Remember to ask for help from the Holy Spirit, Who Jesus gives to Christians to help us obey God every day.

Did you know that anyone who truly believes in and obeys God will live forever with Him? Jesus said in John 5:24, 'Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life.'

When we, as Christians, think of the nails that were pounded through Jesus' body into the cross, we should be sad about our sins. But we should also be filled with joy because we know we are given everlasting life through His death. He was pierced for us!"

From Resurrection Eggs Randal Lee Walti

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Goodbye Lovey"

This morning was hard for me. I had an emotional Mommy moment...followed by 6 mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

Today, my oldest son has given up something very special. He has had it for almost the entire 5 years he has been alive. He has petted it, stroked it, rubbed it, played peek-a-boo with it, slept on it(and with it), drug it, twirled it, thrown it, cryed on it, peed on it, thrown-up on it, spilled food and drinks on it, hit his brother with it, man this list could go on and on.... He LOVES it! It's his LOVEY!

This is Caleb and Josh with his first Lovey. Taken in April of 2006.

Aunt Sue gave Josh his first Lovey and sometime after he was 2 he lost the first one. During that time Aunt Sue had given Caleb a Lovey also...but Caleb had an "Ellie". So Josh took Caleb's Lovey and loved it just the same. So this is the Lovey that he has given up. It has been loved to peices. He rubs it and messes with it while sucking his thumb. The Lovey is now two peices. All the satin material has been literally rubbed away. He mostly just had it at nap time and bed time.
This is the Lovey now!


Our conversation this morning went something like this.

Me: Hey Josh?

Josh: Yeah Mom.

Me: Why don't I wash your Loveys today?

Josh: Why? (He's a bit protective.)

Me: Well, they haven't been washed in awhile and they look like they need it.

Josh: OK

Me: Why don't we wash them and put them away with your other baby things? I mean you have almost rubbed the Loveys completely away. We could save what we have and one day, Mommy will make you something special with all your baby stuff.

Josh: (A long look at me holding his Loveys)

Me: Do you want to?

Josh: OK

Me: (Thinking this is too easy.) Do you want to say goodbye?

Josh: OK (He holds them and strokes his cheek with them the way he has for years) Goodbye Lovey.

Me: (Tears welling in my eyes and trying not to become a basket case and resisiting the urge to say "Never mind!") I think you made a good choice. These are special. We will clean them and put them away.

So, now my big boy has made another "big-boy" step. Now we will see how he does tonight. That may be hard...I'll need to get ready for that!

Resurrection Eggs: Egg Six

*This is number six of a twelve post series. There will be a new one each day for the next seven days*

Egg #6: Crown of Thorns

"The soldiers who crucified Jesus placed a crown of thorns on His head, so they could mock Him by saying, 'Hail, King of the Jews!'

Read: Matthew 27:29-31

Can you believe that some of the same people who were praising Jesus as God a few days before when He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey were now treating Him like a wicked person? They decided if Jesus really was God, He would save Himself from having to die. But Jesus had made it clear to the people that the Father's plan was not what they expected or wanted. God's amazing plan was to save sinners by allowing His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for them. Yet people chose not to believe Jesus and reject Him.

We should never believe others when they tell us Jesus is not God! And we should never be mean or treat someone badly just because others do. We should always do what the Bible, God's Word, tells us to do. And the Bible tells us we should always love others because this is right and it is the way we show that we love God.

The Roman guards did not love God. The rejected Jesus as God. The teased, taunted, hit and beat Him. They made a crown out of sharp thorns, put it on Jesus's head, kneeled before Him, and teased Him by saying, 'Hail, King of the Jews!' even though they didn't believe He was a king. And then they spit on Him and took a strong, hollow stick called a reed to beat Jesus on the head. They crushed the crown of thorns into His head and caused Him to bleed badly. And still, Jesus showed them the love of God by forgiving and praying for them.

The Bible says if you love God, you will love others. So if you don't love others, you show that you really don't love God. Remember, too, when you experience the thorns of others' hatred toward you, that Jesus responded with love, even when He was hated and treated terribly."

From Resurrection Eggs Randal Lee Walti

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Resurrection Eggs: Egg Five

*This is number five of a twelve post series. There will be a new one each day for the next eight days*

Egg #5: Leather Whip

"After His trial by Pilate, the Roman soldiers used leather ropes with rocks and metal woven in to whip Jesus leaving 39 deep gashes in His skin.

Read: John 19-1-15 (For further context, also read Matthew 27:26-31.)

At more than any time, these dark and evil days were scary and sad for the followers of Jesus. The Jewish leaders had brought Jesus before the Roman governor in Judea, Pontius Pilate, to defend Himself for claiming to be God. Because Jesus claimed to be God, they said He was an enemy of the Roman Empire and of Caesar, its king. They wanted Him sentenced to death!

Can you believe Pilate put Jesus to death? But before he did, he told his soldiers to scourge (or whip) Him. At any time, Jesus, the Son of God, could have stopped the trial, the whipping, and even His death. But He wanted to do the will of His Father. And so He did nothing and said nothing to defend Himself.

In the Bible, a long time ago, it was foretold that Jesus would be whipped and beaten. Isaiah 50:6 says, 'I gave My back to those who strike Me, and My cheeks to those who pluck out the beard; I did not cover My face from humiliation and spitting.' Also, Isaiah 53:5 says, 'But He was pierced through for our transgressions [breaking God's laws], He was crushed for our iniquities [sins]; the chastening [punishment] for our well-being fell upon Him, and by His scourging we are healed.' God allowed His Son to be scourged in our place...for our sins. Jesus didn't deserve to die because he had never sinned. But we have sinned. Jesus died in our place for our sin even though it is we who deserve to be punished."

From Resurrection Eggs Randal Lee Walti

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Resurrection Eggs: Egg 4

*This is number four of a twelve post series. There will be a new one each day for the next nine days*

Egg #4: Praying Hands

"Praying hands remind us that Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray with His disciples.

Read: Mark 14:32-42

Jesus gives us a wonderful example of the importance of prayer. He often went off by Himself to pray to God the Father. During this difficult time in His life before He was captured, Jesus asked His disciples to come with Him. He wanted them to pray and to keep Him company.

Jesus was troubled. He knew He ws going to die. Since He never sins, He had never experienced any of the results fo His own sin. By dying on th cross, Jesus knew He would have to experience God forsaking Him because He must reject sin (see Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34). But Jesus was willing to die on the cross because He knew this was His Father's plan to save people who put their trust in Him. Do you think it would be hard to die and have God turn away from you? Would you pray? Jesus was God, but He believed prayer to His Father was needed.

So Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane with His disciples to pray, but they fell asleep--not onece, but three times.

Do you ever get tired when you try to pray? It's hard to be strong when you're tired, isn't it? Jesus' disciples were weak when they tried to be strong on their own apart from God. While Jesus cried out to the Father in prayer, three times He returned to find the disciples sleeping. This is a reminder to all of us that we cannot be strong on our own. We need to pray and ask for our Father's strength just like Jesus did."

From Resurrection Eggs Randal Lee Walti

Friday, March 26, 2010

Resurrection Eggs: Egg Three

*This is number three of a twelve post series. There will be a new one each day for the next ten days*

Egg #3: Passover Cup

"At Jesus's last supper with His disciples before He died on the cross, He used the cup of wine to explain His death. Christians still drink from a cup to remember Christ's blood poured out for us and our sins.

Read: Matthew 26:17-19, 26-28; Exodus 12:23

Did you know that hundereds of years before Jesus came, Egypt made God's people into slaves? It's true! God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to free the Jews, but Pharaoh disobyed God and refused to let them go. Part of God's punishment for Pharaoh and his people was to send a 'destroyer' to kill all the firstborn children in Egypt. But God told His people, the Jews, to put the blood of a lamb on their doors as a sign of their faith. He told the destroyer to 'pass over' their houses and not kill their children. Since then, as a way of remembering God's great love and protection, Jews celebrate Passover every year.

Have you ever heard that we too are slaves and need to be freed just like the Jews in Egypt? It's true! We need to be 'let go' from our slavery to sin. So God sent Jesus as the perfect lamb, the 'Lamb of God', to save us. Because God and His Son are perfect, the perfect blood from Jesus's death on the cross forever protects His followers from being destroyed. Any one of us who truly love and trust in Jesus will be saved fromour sins and eternal death--we will be 'passed over'! Isn't this great news?!

Now when Jesus came and died for sinners to provide this salvation and protection by His blood, the meaning of Passover was changed. Jesus helped His disciples understand the new meaning of the Passover meal when they ate together the night He was arrested.

Jesus told His disciples that the bread would be to remember His body which would be crucified on the cross the next day. Then He took the cup of wine and used it as a sign of rememberance of His blood saying, 'Drink from it, all of you; for this My blood...which is poured out for many for forgiveness of sins.'

Have you ever seen people in your church take Communnion? They eat the bread and drink the grape juice, don't they? Christians do this all in rememberance of Jesus, especially His blood that was poured out for them--to give them eternal life with God."

From Resurrection Eggs Randal Lee Walti

Boot Camp Week #3

Sorry I skipped a week, we had off for Spring Break. I went and worked out with my good friend Sarah on Wednesday of last week. The boot camp leader emailed me some home boot camp ideas to try and do over the week. That was nice...probably should have used them more than one day. But hey, now I have a nice list to look at and use whenever I want. Anyway, that was all I did last week and I did not weigh myself during the week. I won't weigh myself again until Sunday.

On Monday we used barbells and did lots of different exercises with them. We did some running too. I was SORE on Tuesday, but even more so on Wednesday. For some reason my triceps are really sore.

On Wednesday Mother Nature woke me up with cramps. So....I skipped boot camp that morning! I know shame on me! I just didn't think I could make it.

Today, Friday, we ran intervals again and then did some lunges. After that I left...I have a lot going on today.

I am fasting carbonated beverages until the end of the month. I have a unopened 12-pack of Dr Pepper sitting in my kitchen right now. I hope I can make it!

I may start counting calories next week...not sure yet. I just love food. I don't like limiting my choices or dieting. Anyway, I'll weigh on Sunday and we shall see if I have good news!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Letter D and the Number 4

My boys love Dinosaurs so we did a lot with Dinosaurs this week. I found this cool hatching Dinosaur Egg at a learning store (can't remember the name of it). Here are a couple of pics as it hatched. It took about 3 days for the whole thing to process. The boys thought it was pretty neat.

Again I printed off tracer pages for the letter D and the number 4 at DLTK. I also printed out the pages for the Letter D mini book. Which I think this was the last week that I did the letter books. The boys just weren't that crazy about them. No sense in wasting paper and ink! Nor my time in getting them to sit still and color the pages!

DLTK also had a fun dinosaur song, "Oh I wish I were a big ol' dinosaur" and I printed out the Dotty Dinosaur story. I took the words and printed them on different pages to make story pages. I traced out a dinosaur in the different colors the story said and then the boys and I found all the different colors of food that Dotty ate! They really had fun doing that.

Then the finger painted the dots on a Dinosaur. Simon painted too!

We started the 10 Commandments this week also. I thought they might be able to learn them if it was put to a song. I found this idea HERE. I am just doing one a week and singing it every day with them. Every week adds a new one. I really don't think they have it but they seem to think it's fun.
Joshua saw hopscotch on a show we watched and so he wanted to play that at the park. That was fun to teach him. If you had a hard time remembering how to play you can brush up on your hopscotch HERE. We went on several walks and looked for things that start with the letter D and we would find 4 rocks or 4 leaves. Doing things you do every day but just think of how the letter and the number could be incorporated. It is great because it can turn some not so fun things into a game. For example: when it was time to clean up I would set the timer for 4 minutes and they would have to bring me 4 things that started with the letter D. This made for eager helpers!

Also, if your kids have not seen Dinosaur Train yet, you should check it out. My boys love it. It comes on our PBS channel.

Happy Learning! Please feel free to leave comments with your ideas and leave any links you think would be helpful!

Resurrection Eggs: Egg Two

*This is number two of a twelve post series. There will be a new one each day for the next eleven days*

Egg #2: Silver Coins

"Judas accepted 30 silver coins for betraying Jesus into the hands of the Jewish leaders.

Read: Matthew 26:14-16, 46-50; 27:1-5

The Jewish leaders wanted to get rid of Jesus. He was not the kind of Messiah or Son of God they wanted. They were looking for God to send a warrior-king--one riding on a horse, not a donkey--who would conquer the Roman Empire that ruled over the Jews. But that was not God's plan.

Instead of a conquering warrior-king, Jesus came as a man--peaceful, humble, and full of God's love. He came to earth to show us this love, and teach us that true life and goodness only come from our Fathere in heaven. We experience the best of God's goodness for us when God comes into our lives, changes our hearts, and gives us the ability to follow Jesus. We can't do anything good without God.

The Pharisees, however, were not good. They paraded around, showing how good they thought they were. But their hearts were evil (sinful). They were judgemental, selfish, and prideful. Jesus wanted the people to know that this was wrong. He taught that it's not what we're like on the outside that's important; it's what is in our hearts that really matters.

Jesus told the Pharisees that what they were doing was wrong and that their hearts needed to be changed. The Pharisees and Jewish leaders were mad because they didn't want Jesus to tell them they were sinful. These leaders didn't want to change and be like God wanted them to be. And this is what sin is--living in disobedience, or saying "no" to God and to His commandments. Sin is when God tells us to go one way, but we go to the other. Have you ever done this?

Judas was one of Jesus's disciples who at first followed Jesus, but decided later to be disobedient to God. He chose to throw away his love for Jesus by betraying Him to His enemies. And Judas betrayed Jesus for only 30 silver coins!

When someone betrays Jesus, it is sin. Betrayal is when someone lies, pretending to be a friend, but instead is really an enemy. Even though Judas was one of Jesus's trusted disciples, he turned against Jesus. Judas led the Jewish leaders to where Jesus was so they could capture Jesus and put Him on trial for saying He was God."

From Resurrection Eggs Randal Lee Walti

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Nothing says lovin' like some Grammy huggin'!

Resurrection Eggs: Egg One

*This is number one of a twelve post series. There will be a new one each day for the next twelve days*

This is a fun and memorable way to share the Resurrection story with your children. We started doing this when Josh was 3 and Caleb was 2. You may have to bring it down to their level but, I am going to copy it word for word from the Family Life booklet that came with the Resurecction Eggs.

Egg #1: Ride on a Donkey
"A lowly donkey was given to Jesus to ride into Jerusalem just before His death and resurrection.
Read: Matthew 21:1-9

Isn't it exciting that the donkey's owner freely gave the donkey when he found out it was for Jesus? What many people don't know is that it was traditional for a king to ride on a donkey in times of peace. And although Jesus is the King of kinds, God the Father wanted Him to bring peace to people when He came to earth in what is called 'The First Coming'. The Bible often refers to Jesus as the Prince of Peace. Jesus gives us a peace that is not like the peace the world gives. Jesus's peace comes as we repent to turn from our sin, and believe in the Son of God. And then as we continue to obey and trust Him as the Lord of our lives, we will experience His peace.

Many people felt this peace when they believed Jesus was the Son of God. Many were healed of sickness or blindness. So when Jesus rode down the street, people were eager to see Him.

Oh, how excited they were to see the Messiah, the Savior the chosen one of God! They wanted to be near Him, talk to Him, and hear Him speak. They were shouting, 'Hosanna to the Son of David; blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest!'.

Did you know that when things seemed to be going well for Jesus, it was easier for people to love and follow Him? But when the Jewish leaders challenged Jesus by saying He was not the Son of God, the people began to be afraid. Many thought they might be in danger if they admitted they were followers of Jesus and believed that He was God.

The truth is that God calls us to follow Jesus no matter what. It many be hard at times, and others may try to tempt us not to follow Jesus. We need to listen to God and trust what He says. There will be people who don't love Jesus, but this should not cause us to be afraid of following or obeying Him. Jesus is God and does not change. He has always been God and always will be. And He will bless us and protect us if we love Him and follow Him and His Word, the Bible."

From Resurrection Eggs Randal Lee Walti

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sentimental Picture Frame

I have been wanting to make this picture frame since before Thanksgiving. And now that I've made it, I wonder why I took so long to do it! It was super easy and honestly the hardest part was picking the hot-glue off my thumb without taking the skin off!

I really became inspired to do this project today because I have been thinking about two people who mean a lot to me. Two people I miss very much. One is my MeeMaw, who went to be with the Lord in 2005, and the other is my PeePaw, who is living in San Antonio with his 2nd wife and life-long friend Barbara. We call her Grandma Barbara. Anyway, I talked to my PeePaw on Monday (it was his birthday, he's 75) and it was really good to talk with him. I was saying how he had found himself a good girl (meaning Barbara) and he said, "Yep. I had two of them." **sob**hiccup**sob** Sorry, I've been a little emotional since Monday. Just thinking about my MeeMaw and how much I miss her.

I lived 2 houses down from PeePaw and MeeMaw for 14 years. When I was mad at my parents, guess where I would go. When I needed some comfort, for any reason at all, my MeeMaw was right there to give it to me. If PeePaw was home he would be listening the whole time too and sometimes he would say something but EVERY time he would give me a hug. I remember I was always asked "Melissa, do you want something to eat? Do you want something to drink?" MeeMaw called me "Angel". PeePaw read to me as I sat on his lap. They taught me how to play penny-ante-poker and BINGO. My MeeMaw would want to hear everything about my day, and she listened. She was stubborn, you might say bullheaded. But she would give you her left shoe if that is what you needed. She loved to watch jeopardy and her and PeePaw would stay up late and sleep in late after he retired.

PeePaw is a retired Mail Carrier for the U.S. Post Office and my Daddy will retire from the same establishment next year. I remember going to the Conroe Post Office with my Mama and Meemaw to pick up Daddy and Peepaw's checks. Then we would go to the bank, the Fire Sale Store and sometimes to eat at Luby's.

I don't get to visit with my PeePaw as much as I would like to and I miss him. I was blessed to have such wonderful grandparents. I was blessed to have two sets of wonderful grandparents. Folks that I learned a lot from. I'm a part of them and they will always be a part of me.

Thanks for listening. Now on with the project!

Well, the first thing you want to do is find a frame that you like. I just used a black one that I had laying around the house. It's 5x7 and has a fairly wide frame so that was a plus for the design I had in mind for this project. Also you need to know what picture you are going to frame. I knew I wanted to use a picture of my PeePaw and MeeMaw from when they were really young. I think this was their prom.

Next I used the matting that came with the frame to measure and cut a piece of cardstock to put my picture own. You can get really creative with your mattings if you want by using fun, decorative scrapbooking paper. I made sure to center my picture but I put it very close to the top of the paper also, so that I would have room for my "LOVE" stickers at the bottom. I just started with the "O" and then the "V" to make sure that I was centering the word. I used glue dots to afix the picture to the cardstock.

Then I moved on to the decoration for the outside of the frame. I had 3 sets of earrings that were my MaMaw Rea's (MeeMaw's mother) and my MeeMaw's. They are clip-on and really pretty bright colors. I took one from each pair and pulled the clips off the backs with a pair of pliers.

Next, I used hot glue to make ribbon loops on the "blossoms". I made two on the biggest "blossom" and one on each of the smaller ones.

Then, I made two small streamers out of a different texture of green ribbon and glued them on the frame coming out from the bottom corner. Then I glued the "blossoms" down in the middle of that corner.

I made it with the blossom in the bottom right-hand corner but then realized I could also turn it over and have the blossom at the left-hand top too. Troy said he liked it better at the top so I switched it that way.

See, super easy! I hope that you will find some ways to take some cherished mementos and make them into fun works of art! I have a 1950's fur hat that was my MeeMaw's any idea's for what I could do with that?


DiGiorno House Party and My First Giveaway!

I couldn't believe it when I got the confirmation email from House Party saying I had been picked to host another event! I thought that it would be a while since I had just done one in January. Nevertheless, I was picked, and the party happened Saturday.

It was sponsored by DiGiorno pizza. They were spreading the news of their new combo: pizza and breadsticks. The theme along with the pizza was basketball. March Madness. I received my party kit in the mail on Monday and was excited to open it and see all the goodies!

There was an apron, a pizza cutter, a clip magnet, some coasters, a finger ball game, some beaded necklaces, and a packet of coupons. There were some FREE coupons to get pizza for the guests to eat at the party and some $4.00 off coupons to giveaway as party favors. So cool!

Troy put on the apron and "man"ned the oven. He did a great job and the apron looked good on him. However, he was only in it for 10 minutes. Simon pulled the easel on top of himself and busted his nose. Troy, being the first to arrive on the scene, picked Simon up and thus received an out pouring of blood on the front of the apron. So the apron didn't get any wear at the party but it has been washed and the blood did come out. Simon's nose is fine and unfortunately at 16months old he has already had his fair share of bloodied noses.

Here is Simon playing basketball before his accident.

Here is Troy before the accident.

We ate pizza, bread sticks, salad and of course there were desserts! My friend Amanda made the best one in my opinion. It was some kind of smores thing. I will have to get her to share the recipe and then I will share with ya'll. I had eaten DiGiorno's before but I hadn't had the breadsticks. They were great! I heard other guests say they were good too. The pizza is a medium size and I would say it should feed 4 and there were about 10 breadsticks (I think) along with a marinara sauce for dipping.

Some watched basketball, honestly, I wasn't even aware of who was playing. Later we played Phase 10 with dice. That is a great game, by the way. It was a really fun night, just hanging out with friends! Plus I was able to giveaway stuff...for FREE!!! How fun is that? I gave every guest a $4.00 off coupon and I still had some left over to give away as door prizes. I gave away 1 of the leftover FREE coupons and the clip magnet as well. The pizza cutter worked awesomely, so I just couldn't give that away!

****THE Contest is now over! Thank you for participating!****

I still have some coupons to give away!


The Grand Prize winner will receive: One "FREE Any one (1) DIGIORNO Pizza & Breadsticks (up to $8.00)" expires 4/30/2010 coupon

There will be 3 runners up who will each receive: One "Save $4.00 Any one (1) DIGIORNO Pizza & Breadsticks" expires 4/30/2010 coupon

Here is what you need to do to enter:

Mandatory entry (You need to do this one before any of the extra ones.)

***Leave a comment telling me what your favorite brand and kind of pizza is.

Extra entries *Worth 1 entry each*
***Please leave a separate comment for each entry.***

--Follow The Path Before Me publicly (there is a Follow me button on the left).

--Post about this giveaway on your blog and make sure to link back to this post.

--Become of fan of DiGiorno on Facebook and leave me your FB name so that I can verify it.

The winners will be decided by a random number generator. Please leave your email address in each comment so that I can contact you. Also if you win and do not respond to the winning email within 48 hours, I will award it to another person. That's only fair! Subject of email will say "Path B4 Me DiGiorno Giveaway".

This giveaway will be open until March 31st, 2010 at 5pm CST.

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