Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Letter D and the Number 4

My boys love Dinosaurs so we did a lot with Dinosaurs this week. I found this cool hatching Dinosaur Egg at a learning store (can't remember the name of it). Here are a couple of pics as it hatched. It took about 3 days for the whole thing to process. The boys thought it was pretty neat.

Again I printed off tracer pages for the letter D and the number 4 at DLTK. I also printed out the pages for the Letter D mini book. Which I think this was the last week that I did the letter books. The boys just weren't that crazy about them. No sense in wasting paper and ink! Nor my time in getting them to sit still and color the pages!

DLTK also had a fun dinosaur song, "Oh I wish I were a big ol' dinosaur" and I printed out the Dotty Dinosaur story. I took the words and printed them on different pages to make story pages. I traced out a dinosaur in the different colors the story said and then the boys and I found all the different colors of food that Dotty ate! They really had fun doing that.

Then the finger painted the dots on a Dinosaur. Simon painted too!

We started the 10 Commandments this week also. I thought they might be able to learn them if it was put to a song. I found this idea HERE. I am just doing one a week and singing it every day with them. Every week adds a new one. I really don't think they have it but they seem to think it's fun.
Joshua saw hopscotch on a show we watched and so he wanted to play that at the park. That was fun to teach him. If you had a hard time remembering how to play you can brush up on your hopscotch HERE. We went on several walks and looked for things that start with the letter D and we would find 4 rocks or 4 leaves. Doing things you do every day but just think of how the letter and the number could be incorporated. It is great because it can turn some not so fun things into a game. For example: when it was time to clean up I would set the timer for 4 minutes and they would have to bring me 4 things that started with the letter D. This made for eager helpers!

Also, if your kids have not seen Dinosaur Train yet, you should check it out. My boys love it. It comes on our PBS channel.

Happy Learning! Please feel free to leave comments with your ideas and leave any links you think would be helpful!


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