Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Resurrection Eggs: Egg One

*This is number one of a twelve post series. There will be a new one each day for the next twelve days*

This is a fun and memorable way to share the Resurrection story with your children. We started doing this when Josh was 3 and Caleb was 2. You may have to bring it down to their level but, I am going to copy it word for word from the Family Life booklet that came with the Resurecction Eggs.

Egg #1: Ride on a Donkey
"A lowly donkey was given to Jesus to ride into Jerusalem just before His death and resurrection.
Read: Matthew 21:1-9

Isn't it exciting that the donkey's owner freely gave the donkey when he found out it was for Jesus? What many people don't know is that it was traditional for a king to ride on a donkey in times of peace. And although Jesus is the King of kinds, God the Father wanted Him to bring peace to people when He came to earth in what is called 'The First Coming'. The Bible often refers to Jesus as the Prince of Peace. Jesus gives us a peace that is not like the peace the world gives. Jesus's peace comes as we repent to turn from our sin, and believe in the Son of God. And then as we continue to obey and trust Him as the Lord of our lives, we will experience His peace.

Many people felt this peace when they believed Jesus was the Son of God. Many were healed of sickness or blindness. So when Jesus rode down the street, people were eager to see Him.

Oh, how excited they were to see the Messiah, the Savior the chosen one of God! They wanted to be near Him, talk to Him, and hear Him speak. They were shouting, 'Hosanna to the Son of David; blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest!'.

Did you know that when things seemed to be going well for Jesus, it was easier for people to love and follow Him? But when the Jewish leaders challenged Jesus by saying He was not the Son of God, the people began to be afraid. Many thought they might be in danger if they admitted they were followers of Jesus and believed that He was God.

The truth is that God calls us to follow Jesus no matter what. It many be hard at times, and others may try to tempt us not to follow Jesus. We need to listen to God and trust what He says. There will be people who don't love Jesus, but this should not cause us to be afraid of following or obeying Him. Jesus is God and does not change. He has always been God and always will be. And He will bless us and protect us if we love Him and follow Him and His Word, the Bible."

From Resurrection Eggs Randal Lee Walti

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