Friday, March 26, 2010

Boot Camp Week #3

Sorry I skipped a week, we had off for Spring Break. I went and worked out with my good friend Sarah on Wednesday of last week. The boot camp leader emailed me some home boot camp ideas to try and do over the week. That was nice...probably should have used them more than one day. But hey, now I have a nice list to look at and use whenever I want. Anyway, that was all I did last week and I did not weigh myself during the week. I won't weigh myself again until Sunday.

On Monday we used barbells and did lots of different exercises with them. We did some running too. I was SORE on Tuesday, but even more so on Wednesday. For some reason my triceps are really sore.

On Wednesday Mother Nature woke me up with cramps. So....I skipped boot camp that morning! I know shame on me! I just didn't think I could make it.

Today, Friday, we ran intervals again and then did some lunges. After that I left...I have a lot going on today.

I am fasting carbonated beverages until the end of the month. I have a unopened 12-pack of Dr Pepper sitting in my kitchen right now. I hope I can make it!

I may start counting calories next week...not sure yet. I just love food. I don't like limiting my choices or dieting. Anyway, I'll weigh on Sunday and we shall see if I have good news!

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