Monday, March 29, 2010

"Goodbye Lovey"

This morning was hard for me. I had an emotional Mommy moment...followed by 6 mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

Today, my oldest son has given up something very special. He has had it for almost the entire 5 years he has been alive. He has petted it, stroked it, rubbed it, played peek-a-boo with it, slept on it(and with it), drug it, twirled it, thrown it, cryed on it, peed on it, thrown-up on it, spilled food and drinks on it, hit his brother with it, man this list could go on and on.... He LOVES it! It's his LOVEY!

This is Caleb and Josh with his first Lovey. Taken in April of 2006.

Aunt Sue gave Josh his first Lovey and sometime after he was 2 he lost the first one. During that time Aunt Sue had given Caleb a Lovey also...but Caleb had an "Ellie". So Josh took Caleb's Lovey and loved it just the same. So this is the Lovey that he has given up. It has been loved to peices. He rubs it and messes with it while sucking his thumb. The Lovey is now two peices. All the satin material has been literally rubbed away. He mostly just had it at nap time and bed time.
This is the Lovey now!


Our conversation this morning went something like this.

Me: Hey Josh?

Josh: Yeah Mom.

Me: Why don't I wash your Loveys today?

Josh: Why? (He's a bit protective.)

Me: Well, they haven't been washed in awhile and they look like they need it.

Josh: OK

Me: Why don't we wash them and put them away with your other baby things? I mean you have almost rubbed the Loveys completely away. We could save what we have and one day, Mommy will make you something special with all your baby stuff.

Josh: (A long look at me holding his Loveys)

Me: Do you want to?

Josh: OK

Me: (Thinking this is too easy.) Do you want to say goodbye?

Josh: OK (He holds them and strokes his cheek with them the way he has for years) Goodbye Lovey.

Me: (Tears welling in my eyes and trying not to become a basket case and resisiting the urge to say "Never mind!") I think you made a good choice. These are special. We will clean them and put them away.

So, now my big boy has made another "big-boy" step. Now we will see how he does tonight. That may be hard...I'll need to get ready for that!


  1. awwwww!

    you could make him a quilt!

  2. When he was in my Sunday school class I wouldn't let him walk around with his lovey. But he had a "lovey spot" or chair or something. He could go there if he needed to hold his lovey or he could choose to play without it. I can't believe he's decided to give up his lovey! Wow. He's such a big boy now...

  3. That probably didn't help you though...


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