Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Letter C and Number 3

We are now in the week of Letter F and Number 7, so I am a bit behind in my blog posts concerning our school weeks. However, I have all my lessons typed up in word documents for each week. I don't make it really fancy and it is just reminders, sometimes not even full sentences, to keep me on track for that day.

Every day we look at our calendar and talk about what day it is. I purchased one of those calendars that teachers use on the bulletin board. I had all the pieces laminated and so I can change the days around for each month. I will do a whole post on the calendar later and different ways we use it. I mention it here in this post because we talked about calendar starting with "C".

I make a game of pointing out some things around the house that start with the letter we are talking about and then I will ask them to find some things that start with that letter. Along with finding things that begin with the letter, they also find many things that do not. But that is okay, because then I just say "That is a Duh-Duh-Dinosaur. Does that sound like a C? Cah, Cah..." Then they are hearing lots of letter sounds. We have Cubbies which is the Awana's group they are in and then Church so that was fun to be able to talk about those "C" words and how CH makes the "chu" sound.

I used the tracer pages for the letter C and the number 3 at DLTK's Growing Together. I used a "C" booklet which you can find there also.

They started learning our phone number during this week. Josh had it memorized by the end of the week. Caleb is still learning it. I just wrote it on their easel and we looked at it each day and said it together.

One day we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and made our own caterpillars and then turned them into butterflies.

I helped them to hot glue pompom balls on one side of a clothespin and then we cut off a small piece of pipe cleaner and I wrapped it around the top and pointed the ends up like antennae. So that was our caterpillars.

To turn our caterpillars into butterflies, we painted paper towels with colored water. I just dropped food coloring into water for them to paint with. You could use watered down paint of any kind, if you prefer.

Then to dry our butterfly wings (paper towels) quickly, I set the oven to the lowest degree setting and put the wings on a baking sheet and set them in the oven. It didn't take long. Then I showed them how to kind of accordion fold the towel and we pinched the middle with our clothespin.

The week that we were on the letter C and number 3 was the week right before Valentines Day. So we made cookies that Saturday and some valentines for friends and family. The recipe we used for the sugar cookies can be found here .

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