Friday, March 5, 2010

Boot Camp Week One

I signed up for an Early Bird Boot Camp and it started this Monday. The boot camp continues through the end of May. I am not really a morning person, so my biggest obstacle to signing up for this boot camp was the fact that it starts at 5:30 in the morning and ends at 6:15! Let me just say that I rarely wake up before 7:00am unless I have to. I am lucky to be married to a morning person that will let me sleep in some mornings while he gets up with the kids. I know that when he is no longer in school that this special treat will come few and far between.
Anyway, I decided that committing to do a boot camp would really help me with my weight loss goal. I definitely need the accountability that this type of venue brings. I weigh 178 pounds now and I hope to lose 30 pounds this year. I know I won't lose that all during this next 3 months but I hope to lose at least 15 or 20 pounds and gain a good exercise habit.
I really liked that the instructor, Niki, had us going back and forth between cardio and weights. It felt like I got a pretty good workout. On Wednesday she had stations set up where we would rotate around and in between stations we would do cardio. That was a great workout. I felt much more sore after Wednesday. I kind of hurt my shoulder too. Not exactly sure how but man, it is hurting.
Okay so Friday (today) was the last day for this week and she had us do a physical assesment. So we ran/jogged/walked a mile as fast as we could. I jogged and walked and made it in a little under 13 minutes. We did as many push-ups as we could in 1 minute. I did 15. Then we did as many sit-ups as we could in 1 minute. I did 5! Ughhhh! Last, we tried to hold a plank for a minute. I was able to hold mine for 30 seconds. We will take the assesment again at the very end of boot camp so that we can see our progress. I better be able to do more sit-ups by then! The plank and the push-ups did not help my shoulder...which is still hurting. So I left after the assesment because we were going to be lifting weights. I knew my shoulder would not thank me for that.
All in all I feel really good about this week and I am glad I have signed up. I will update every week with my progress.

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