Monday, March 22, 2010

DiGiorno House Party and My First Giveaway!

I couldn't believe it when I got the confirmation email from House Party saying I had been picked to host another event! I thought that it would be a while since I had just done one in January. Nevertheless, I was picked, and the party happened Saturday.

It was sponsored by DiGiorno pizza. They were spreading the news of their new combo: pizza and breadsticks. The theme along with the pizza was basketball. March Madness. I received my party kit in the mail on Monday and was excited to open it and see all the goodies!

There was an apron, a pizza cutter, a clip magnet, some coasters, a finger ball game, some beaded necklaces, and a packet of coupons. There were some FREE coupons to get pizza for the guests to eat at the party and some $4.00 off coupons to giveaway as party favors. So cool!

Troy put on the apron and "man"ned the oven. He did a great job and the apron looked good on him. However, he was only in it for 10 minutes. Simon pulled the easel on top of himself and busted his nose. Troy, being the first to arrive on the scene, picked Simon up and thus received an out pouring of blood on the front of the apron. So the apron didn't get any wear at the party but it has been washed and the blood did come out. Simon's nose is fine and unfortunately at 16months old he has already had his fair share of bloodied noses.

Here is Simon playing basketball before his accident.

Here is Troy before the accident.

We ate pizza, bread sticks, salad and of course there were desserts! My friend Amanda made the best one in my opinion. It was some kind of smores thing. I will have to get her to share the recipe and then I will share with ya'll. I had eaten DiGiorno's before but I hadn't had the breadsticks. They were great! I heard other guests say they were good too. The pizza is a medium size and I would say it should feed 4 and there were about 10 breadsticks (I think) along with a marinara sauce for dipping.

Some watched basketball, honestly, I wasn't even aware of who was playing. Later we played Phase 10 with dice. That is a great game, by the way. It was a really fun night, just hanging out with friends! Plus I was able to giveaway stuff...for FREE!!! How fun is that? I gave every guest a $4.00 off coupon and I still had some left over to give away as door prizes. I gave away 1 of the leftover FREE coupons and the clip magnet as well. The pizza cutter worked awesomely, so I just couldn't give that away!

****THE Contest is now over! Thank you for participating!****

I still have some coupons to give away!


The Grand Prize winner will receive: One "FREE Any one (1) DIGIORNO Pizza & Breadsticks (up to $8.00)" expires 4/30/2010 coupon

There will be 3 runners up who will each receive: One "Save $4.00 Any one (1) DIGIORNO Pizza & Breadsticks" expires 4/30/2010 coupon

Here is what you need to do to enter:

Mandatory entry (You need to do this one before any of the extra ones.)

***Leave a comment telling me what your favorite brand and kind of pizza is.

Extra entries *Worth 1 entry each*
***Please leave a separate comment for each entry.***

--Follow The Path Before Me publicly (there is a Follow me button on the left).

--Post about this giveaway on your blog and make sure to link back to this post.

--Become of fan of DiGiorno on Facebook and leave me your FB name so that I can verify it.

The winners will be decided by a random number generator. Please leave your email address in each comment so that I can contact you. Also if you win and do not respond to the winning email within 48 hours, I will award it to another person. That's only fair! Subject of email will say "Path B4 Me DiGiorno Giveaway".

This giveaway will be open until March 31st, 2010 at 5pm CST.


  1. Can family enter? :)
    I am planning on doing my first giveaway soon too. So fun!

  2. Yes! Family can enter...I did not get paid for any of this stuff!

  3. Double Daves pepperoni! And if it's not homeade or from a restaurant, the DiGorno's is all I've had but it was really good.

  4. AND I posted it!

  5. My favorite brand is whatever is on sale, but kind---i like supreme.

    deborah150 at

  6. Pizza Hut Supreme is my favorite restaurant kind and Digiorno's Supreme or Pepporini with rising crust for frozen.

  7. Signed up to follow you publicaly.

  8. We love the plain cheese pizza from Little Caesar's. jiyasarma at hotmail dot com

  9. My favorite brand of pizza are the cheapy Totino's cheese pizzas. I love to bake them a few minutes longer than the directions say to because it makes them extra crispy on the bottom. Yummy!

  10. Melissa,

    I just became a fried of DiGiorno on FB. My FB name is Melodie Payne (boring right?).

  11. Hey Melodie! Don't forget to leave a comment saying you "followed". Thanks! By the way...YOU, my friend, are soooo not boring! :)

  12. I saw this giveaway on Go Graham Go link-up.
    It's DiGiorna, no lie! I would love to win a coupon. Thanks for the chance Melissa!
    june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com

  13. I don't really have a favorite brand. My family likes to mix it up some which is good since brand loyalty gets in the way of a good sale. This week we have CPK pizzas in our freezer. The week before that it was Tombstone and before that Red Baron. I buy 2-3 at a time so pricing matters. We have had Digornio and do like it as well. Although I have not tried the with breadstick versions. Hopefully they will have a good sale going so I can maybe go pick up a dipping sauce and try the breadsticks.

  14. we love red baron original pepperoni the best in my house but i am willing to experiment lol
    we just had the maxwell house /velveeta cheese party at my house- i love houseparty!!!

  15. My favorite is Papa John's pepperoni pizza. Thanks for sharing these coupons!


  16. I love Papa Johns! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  17. Hmm, as far as national chains go, Papa John's supreme pizza is pretty tasty.

  18. I like Papa Johns cheese pizza!! Nothing beats Pizza Hut's stuffed crust though for me.

  19. We like just about any frozen pizza! I guess if I had to pick it would be DIGIORNO or RED BARON. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Our favorite frozen brand is Digiorno, and we like the stuffed crust ones best! yummy! As far as ordering pizza, I think we'd go with PizzaHut :) -Liz,

  21. I am a fan of Digiorno on Facebook. (Elizabeth 'Judy' Ives is my FB name) :)

  22. I am now a follower of your site! :)


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