Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday at Shockley's Old Timey Day

This Saturday we drove for an hour out to some folks land, who host an Old Timey Day.  We didn't really know what to expect. We had not heard about this from anyone we know but had kept a flyer that we had been given on a trip to Floyd back at the beginning of August.  I am happy to say that it was definitely worth the drive and made for a fun outing with the boys.

There were a few animals to pet. 

We saw a demonstration of log splitting to make fence rails.

The old timey way to make hay piles.

There were a lot of old tractors to pose on.

We saw how they made the square
hay bales....using horse power to work this machine.

There were lots of things to do with corn.

Here is Caleb using this machine to de-kernel the cob.

Josh is showing me all the corn kernels.

You can grind the corn kernels with this
grinder to make chicken feed.

Here is one of the 40 something baby
chicks they had for us to "Awwww!" over.

There was homemade icecream being made. 
With the use of this machine.

We had a taste of the vanilla and chocolate. 
 It was yummy!

Here is a vat of apple butter. 
MMMMMM....we bought a pint of course.

These fellows were making apple cider. 
We bought a quart of that too. 

There was lots of good fiddle music and lots of dancing.  Surprisingly most everyone who got out there and shuffled were over the age of 40.  I guess all us younger folks are just way too self conscious. 


  1. Awesome- wish I could of been there with ya'll- who knows I just might of gotten out there to do a little dance-lol.

  2. Oh, this looks like a lot of fun. I love apple butter as well! Our fair starts this weekend. Usually, I enter something in the bread competition every year, but between studies and illness, I don't have an entry for this year. Hope that you are well,



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