Saturday, September 4, 2010

Member One Boot Camp Week #5

Well, I think this week was better but not as good as I had planned.  I have really got to get it together.  I have been really lazy in the mornings and I think it is because I have been staying up too late watching episodes of Stargate Atlantis

The first day I exercised was Thursday.  I walked a lap around my block then headed back to my deck for some cardio and weight-lifting exercises. 

I started off doing step-ups on the stairs with an over head press.  I did 10 leading on each leg.  Then I did step-ups with a T-raise.  10 on each leg.  Then I turned to the side and did step-ups on each side with a kickout and an over head press.  10 on each side.  Then I repeated it again.  Then I did 15 lunges with a tricep extension.  Then 15 twisting lunges.  Then I went to my mat and did 10 dog kicks on each leg and then 10 dog kicks on each leg.  Then I repeated that.  Then I did 10 crunches with my legs straight up at the 12 o'clock postion.  Then I crossed bent my legs at the knees.  Crossed my ankle over my other leg and crunched toward the knee that was bent out.  I did 10 on each side.  Then I did crunches with the lower half by raising my legs straight up to the 12 o'clock position again and lifting just my hips up off the ground.  10 times.  Then I repeated everything.  Then I did a 30 second plank and stretched.

Today we walked several blocks at a Farmer's Market in Roanoke and then walked to the Transportation Museum and all around inside the museum.  I don't think it burned very many calories because it was leisurely walking. 

My goal this coming week:  Exercise at least 2 days!

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