Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plain Chair to Plaid Chair

Last month, I bought this chair at a yard sale for $1.  It was a little wobbly and banged up but I knew that it could be turned into a useful comfortable chair.  I've never covered a chair seat before, but I didn't think it would be that hard.  And you know what?  It wasn't!  Here are the steps to what I did.

First thing I did was take a large square of foam (found at JoAnns) and cut it down to size.  I just used scissors and cut on it as I held it to the chair.  I'm going to admit, I didn't measure a single thing when I did this.  I just eyeballed everything the whole way.  

Then my hubby took the seat part off and filled in all the loose areas with wood glue and a good tightening.  This was a fun project to do together by the way.  We were able to chat and make fun of each other.  You know just like best friends should.

While he was doing that I was using a 150 grade sandpaper to just lighten up and scratch up the paint.  I wanted to make it look worn. 

Then I wiped it all down with a damp rag. 

I used spray adhesive to attach my foam to my seat.  It's easy stuff to use and it will hold that foam on nicely.

Ok.  At this point some of you are going to be gasping in an "I can't believe she did that!" kind of way. 
So go ahead and take a deep steadying breath here. 
I didn't measure my fabric.  I don't have any idea how big the piece of material I cut is.  I just cut it big enough to fit over the foam and down to the underside of the seat.  I know, that really could have backfired on me, but it worked out this time.  Next time I won't be so careless.  Promise.

I used my new staple gun to attach the material to the wood, pulling snuggly as I went.  This was my first time to use a staple gun!  It was so much fun!  I can't wait to make something else with it.  Maybe a headboard for my bed?  I've been thinking of doing that project for almost 3 years now! 

I then trimmed up the excess fabric. 
Glad I used too much and not too little! 
Again, measuring could have come in handy there.

And there it is a soft place to land. 
By the way I have had that fabric for almost 3 years.  I'm so glad it's finally being used! 

And there is the boy with his chair. 
He was pretty happy with it, so I guess it was a success!

Here is a picture of the back of it.  Pulled up to the desk, that sits in Josh's room, waiting to be redone too.

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  1. You did a really great job with this chair. I love it!


  2. it looks great! i love the green color and the plaid is pretty too!

  3. Another success! Looks great- especially with Josh in it.


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