Thursday, September 9, 2010

Climbing Trees

Yesterday we went to the park that is on V-Tech campus.  I got to do a little tree climbing with my boys.  Yep, I climbed too.  I love having boys to adventure with.  They bring out the best in me and keep me wanting to try harder and be better.  I hope that they will always keep pushing me out of my comfort zone. 

Here is the boys with their Papa and Daddy.  I loved that Simon and Caleb are smiling at eachother. 

Just a funny side note:  While we were at this park, Josh pushed the button on one of the Emergency stations that are all around the walkpath.  The responder was very prompt in getting back to us.  I explained and he was very nice about it.  Then I explained to Josh what they were for.  In his defense, just this past weekend we were in Roanoke and we had been along a sidewalk to the  transportation museum that had buttons to push and hear different things.  He thought it was something like that.  There are learning experiences every day.


  1. I need a copy of the picture at the top!!!

  2. Great post! Glad you guys had a fun. Enjoy the weekend,



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