Saturday, September 18, 2010

Member One Boot Camp Week #7

Tuesday I walked down to the basketball court that is at our neighborhood park.  I did walking lunges across the length but I did a count of 20 (10 on each leg).  Then 20 squat pivots.  I then repeated.   So a total of 40 lunges (20 on each leg) and 40 squats.  Then I went to a park bench and did 15 knee ups on each leg and then 15 step ups on each leg.  I started feeling nauseous so I walked back home.  I had planned on doing some crunches and push ups but I didn't feel any better after getting home and by the time I rested I was out of workout time.  Oh well.

By Thursday, I was still super sore from Tuesday!  I made myself get out though.  I walked around my block twice and I carried my weights (5lbs each) and did different exercises as I walked.  I started with an overhead press and then a front raise with palms up and then triceps holding for a count of 3.  I did each exercise through 15 times and then repeated all three again.  Then I did bicep curls, tricep extensions and upright rows.  Again, I did each exercise 15 times and then repeated all three.  This allowed me to walk around my block twice.  I then went to the deck and did 10 pushups.  Then I did V-Ups, bridge ups with an over head press, crunches, lower crunches where you raise your legs up to 12 o'clock and then just lift your hips off the ground.  I did all four 10 times each and then repeated.  Then I did a front plank and a plank on each side, holding each plank for 30 seconds.  Then I stretched.

I'm glad I was able to workout for at least 2 days.  This week I will attempt 3.  I've got to get back in the habit of the 3 workouts a week.  My weight has stayed the same but I am going to try to set a goal of a 5lb loss by the end of October.  I should be able to do that and then that would take my total weight loss since March to 15lbs.  Of course I would still have 15 more to go but I think I do better when I set a goal. 


  1. hi melissa! this is amanda from MOPS! love your blog! I just started one this summer, so love running into others who blog too....have a great week, see you next monday!

  2. Whew! Wish I was dedicated to working out-even just walking around the block but it has been a hit and miss. I did join a small, elderly work out group at a local church- it is every Tues. and tomorrow will be the second time to meet.


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