Sunday, September 5, 2010

Money Envelope and Budget Verse

Like most people of my generation my household has a big thundercloud hanging over it.  That thundercloud's name is DEBT.  A plan has been made and prayed over.  Our thought patterns concerning money are being reformed and by the grace of God we WILL one day be set FREE from our debt!  Part of our plan is to budget out everything and pay for most things with cash.  I didn't have anything to put it in, the cash that is, and I have seen all the cute tutorials and things out there in blogland for the money wallets.  I really didn't feel like sewing though so I made mine out of paper and Mod Podge.  There is a sticky velcro closure under the button flap and I hotglued that button on.  I think it works pretty well and so far our system seems to be working.  Money is a touchy subject so I am not going to share all our budgeting details here.  I am new to this and would not be the person to teach anyone how to budget anyway.
The front.

The back

Our theme verse.  This really hit home because is speaks about our past and our future.  We didn't compute the cost in the beginning of our marriage and built our tower from money we really didn't have.  Now we are taking the tower of debt that we have built for ourselves and we are computing the cost for it's reconstruction into a tower of freedom and redemption.  So in the future when we go to build any tower we will know the joy that will come from computing the cost and freely building.  Also we acknowledge that trusting in God and what He gives will provide enough.  The provision provided by a credit card is imprisonment.  Truly giving our finances over to Him will be something we will strive for everyday.

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  1. I too am going through this! Melinda sat down with me this weekend and it was hard but she set up a budget spreadsheet for us and let me borrow her Dave Ramsey book. I hope that we can get on track! It is hard but we can do it!!

  2. good luck getting through this. it's not a nice thing to owe money. at least your budgeting envelope is precious, though!

  3. I made a WONDERFUL excel sheet that figures out what we have to pay off and how long it will take and how much will be paid at the minimum payment and then how much is left, etc... If you want it, let me know and I'll e-mail you!


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