Sunday, September 12, 2010

Member One Boot Camp Week #6

This week I did better.  Well, at least I accomplished my goal and worked out two days!  I have been going to bed earlier in the hopes that it will help me to wake up with a "get up and workout" attitude.  Not really happening. 

On Wednesday I did a 20 minute wog.  I walked for 5 minutes and then jogged for 5 minutes.  Then I repeated.  I did  10 squats with an overhead press, 10 bent rows and 10 stationary lunges with triceps.  Then I repeated.  I did 10 glute-ups with a press, holding for 3 seconds each time.  Then 10 lower crunches with 5 lb weight between legs and 10 side-slimmers.  Then I repeated.  That was it except for some stretching.

On Saturday I went for a mile hike with the whole family.  I do count this as exercise because there are hills and my heart rate does increase.  It had been raining most of the day and it was a misty evening.  Troy and I both thought of our walks in Scotland.  We all enjoyed it and it was fun to do altogether.

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  1. it is so hard to get in the habit of working out! someone told me it takes seven days in a row to make a habit...i'm on day six but its not getting any easier for me yet!


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