Monday, August 2, 2010

Where Does Daddy Work?

When we arrived in Blacksburg it was around 3pm and so we checked into our hotel, which was the Inn on campus.  Then we all went for a walk to the duck pond which I wrote about in a previous post from when we came up to house hunt.  The boys liked seeing all the ducks and hiking around the water.  A nice lady shared some bread with the boys, much to the delight of the ducks. 

Later during the week we went to see the building that my hubby will be working out of and to see a little bit more of the campus.  We didn't get to go into his building but hopefully I will get to go this week.  I am supposed to help him pick out office furniture!  Shopping on someone elses dime = FUN!! 

Here are some pictures of both visits.

This is at a the duck pond.

Here is Nana and Troy with the boys, watching the ducks.

Josh is hand feeding this one.  He thought that was cool.

Here they are posing at a fountain.  I kept thinking Simon would try to jump in. He was a good boy though.

Here is the sign for Daddy's building.

"Dink, Daddy!"

S is for Simon.

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