Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Trains-No Sleep

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There's no trains here. No tracks that need to be crossed in order to get from home to town. No long lonely whistles during the night to sing me to sleep. There have always been trains in my life.  Mostly not taking me places, but always there, just background noise.  But noticed.  Comforting in a way, that familiar "clickety-clack" of the train's wheels on the track and the squeal of hard working breaks. 

I think that this must be what is messing with my sleep.  It's too quiet.  That familiar noise that has been a part of my sleep cycle since the age of 5, is missing.  I'm sure I will get used to it.  I'm just really missing it tonight. 

This is just one recent change in my life among many.  You might say a move is a big change.  I would agree with you.  However, when you think of all the small changes that accompany a move; it really is just a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger as it collects the snow on it's way down.  There is certainly going to be pain with this snowball.  Snowballs can be fun too, right?  I mean, there are always going to be snowballs in our lives. 

Wow, how did I go from trains to snowballs?  Not really sure, but I'm going to use the excuse of tiredness.  Yeah, I'm tired and it's all because I don't have a train.  So could you all please help me petition the state of Virginia to build a train track to my neighborhood?  I'm pretty sure that they could benefit from it's many uses.  The number one use being that of a sleeping aide. It could also help ya'll to avoid being given a stupid post like this one.

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