Saturday, August 28, 2010

Josh Meets His Teacher

On Thursday we went to Josh's school for Meet the Teacher.  I think he was excited but he was a little cautious also.  We were able to show him around his classroom and introduce him to his teacher.  He was really excited about the computers in his classroom and the playground.  It was really strange to think that I have a child old enough to be in school.  Old enough to have an independant life from me.  We have been having some issues at home with attitude.  I am really hoping that having this distance from me and his brothers during the day will help.  I know we will miss him though. 

He finds his seat in the classroom with a little help from Dad.  They are filling out a scavenger hunt.

Looking into his classroom from the door.

From inside the classroom looking toward the door.

They all got ice lollies from the PTA....mmmmm!

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  1. Please take video on the first day of school- it will help you not to cry- wish I had it of you girls to look back on.


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