Saturday, August 7, 2010

Member One Boot Camp Week #2

Well, this week was not as good as last week.  I worked out Monday by taking a mile hike and I did 10 lunges on each leg then 10 to each side and then 10 back on each side.

I didn't workout again until today.  And I injured myself.  I can't move my head down without feeling pain.  Nor turn it in either direction.  It's somewhere in my neck and left shoulder.  I need a muscle relaxer but unfortunately don't have any.  I did get a 15 minute massage at a booth at the Steppin' Out festival today.  It was a good massage, I just wish it could have been longer. 

So today I did a series of 10 exercises for 10 reps each and then jogged a lap around my "block".  I just continued repeating this for 30 minutes and I was able to get 2 and 1/2 times through.  Here are the exercises I did: squats with overhead press, pushups, V-ups, donkey kicks with weight, side plank jacks, standing elbow to knee, lunges with tricep kickbacks, leg raises to the front, leg raises to the side and leg raises to the back. 

After that 30 minutes I did a front plank for 30 seconds and a plank raise followed by alternating arms and legs and balancing.  Then repeated.

I don't know how much working out I will be able to do next week.  Hopefully if I rest, my injury will get better.  I'm really bummed too because my weight has gone back up to 175!  Arghhh!!  I now have the internet at home though and so Weight Watchers will be much easier to do with my online point counter and tracker. 

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