Sunday, August 22, 2010

My New Jewlery Holder

When we moved I threw away my jewlery box because it was falling apart.  Plus everything was always a mess in there and I could never really see everything I had.  I don't have a ton of jewlery so I knew there had to be some kind of solution for my little treasure trove other than throwing it  all in a jewlery box.  After looking around online a bit, I found this tutorial at My Blonde Ambitions. She make all kinds of jewlery and other fun stuff.

**This is the one from the tutorial**

I followed her tutorial and I went to Michaels for my wooden plaque but since then I have found them cheaper at WalMart.  So shop around and look for a good price because I could have saved almost $5! The whole thing only cost me $10 which is still a good deal.

So I really didn't do anything different than what her tutorial says other than not making a bar for my rings (I only have 3) and than I used Mod Podge gloss instead of matte. I did 2 coats of acryllic paint and 2 coats of Mod Podge. I will say that the bubbles in the paper really frustrated me and I tried to get them all out but there were some left.  I've since learned that there is a tool called a bryer that really helps with those bubbles.  You can learn about that tool and enter a giveaway to earn one over at Somewhat Simple.  She will announce the winner Monday so hurry on over to enter! 

I also learned that I should have measured where my holes were going to go by using the edge of the wood to line up my ruler.  Not the paper that I put down.  My paper was a bit crooked and so now my dowels are a bit crooked.  Not too bad though.  The next time I make one it will be much easier and I will know what to do.  I am going to be making several of these for Christmas presents!  So excited.  Here is my finished project!  I'm soooooo loving it!


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  1. Hope I'm on the Christmas list :)

  2. i am loving this project! i'm feeling so inspired looking at your site. i am now your newest follower!

  3. your jewelry holder turned out so cute, thanks for the link! Those air bubbles can be completely pesky, I've found that you have to let each layer COMPLETELY dry before putting another one.

  4. This is great. Not only do you get to decorate your wall, but you also get to save space and access your jewlery quickly.


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