Friday, August 27, 2010

The Biggest Goose Egg I've Ever Seen

My poor Joshie fell on Tuesday night and hit his head on the toy lawn mower.  I guess when you are going full speed ahead even a toy lawn mower can do some damage.  It freaked my hubby and I out just because we had never seen a bump so big.  The size of the thing was alarming and so I took some pictures of it and emailed them to my Mom, who is a nurse.  I'm not in the habit of taking pictures of my kid's injuries.  Not usually.  But I called my Mom to get advice on whether or not I should take him to the doctor and I though a picture or two would help her to make a recommendation.  Thankfully, we did not have to take him to the doctor and after ice was applied for several minutes (on and off) the swelling did go down some.  And now there is just a bruise there with a bit of swelling.  You would think after a knot of that size that the bruise would be huge too but it's not.  Just a little one right in the middle of the knot.  I told him it looked like he was going to sprout a unicorn's horn!  I don't think he appreciated that.  My Dad remarked that we could paint an eyeball on it and that Josh could then have 3 eyes!  Josh didn't go for that...durn.
Just another shot so you can fully appreciate the size of this bump!


  1. AWW!! Glad he was better after some ice! One day you'll be glad you have these photos!! LOL My oldest daughter had one (well, two actually) of these when she first started to walk. We had had Steel Beamed house, and very thin sheetrock, she was playing with a blanet over her head, stepped on the blanket (mind you she was about 10 or 11 months old) and fell forehead first into the end of a wall. She hit so hard that in the middle of her goose egg (which looked very similar to your son's) she had a straight dark bruise line from the edge of corner!it was HORRIBLE, and so scary! About 2 weeks later, when it was finally starting to heal, she did basically the EXACT SAME THING all over again, but just to the left of the first one....again giving her a perfectly straight line down the middle of the forehead (which then gave her two because the other wasn't completely healed yet) And another big goose egg! People looked at me as though I beat her wherever I went! It was a horrible feeling as a mom!

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