Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Baby Is In a Big Boy Bed

I can't believe my baby Simon is old enough to be in a toddler bed!  But he is, and he is so cute and really stubborn.  We sold his crib before we moved and he slept in his pack in play for the first few nights we were in our new house.  But this past Sunday we went to Target and purchased a Big Boy bed for him.  Troy and Josh put it together and they did a great job. Some nights he has done really well and other nights have been long hour-plus ordeals.  He has recieved his first actual spanking during this time!  Hopefully it will just take time for the newness to wear off and for him to get used to sharing a room with Caleb.  Here are a few pictures.

Here is big brother introducing Simon to his new bed.

Before bed we read the book Big Enough for a Bed starring Simon's favorite guy, Elmo.

He likes his Big Boy bed!

I could not see him or his bed because it was dark but I just aimed and took a picture using the night setting on my camera.  Afterwards, I looked at the picture on my screen and just cracked up.  He had slid partly out of bed and was still asleep, poor baby! 

This is naptime one day.  I guess he got out of bed to play or something and just couldn't make it back to bed before falling asleep!

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  1. Anna did the same thing in her toddler bed....the hanging half on and half off!!! Jayden is still in the crib at 18 months old and neither of the other two were at that age! I'm kind of dreading it with him b/c I don't see him staying in the bed!!
    Can't believe your baby is big enough for that! So cute! I love big brother tucking him in!!


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