Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gotta Brush

Do you enjoy watching your kids brush their teeth?  Or does it seem like a chore to get through?  For me it is both, sometimes enjoyable and sometimes a chore that is, no pun intended, "like pulling teeth".  The boys all had their first trips to the dentist at the beginning of July and they all did very well.  They really liked the "sucker" tool that vaccumed all the spit out of their mouths.  It really pleased me that the hygenist told the boys that they had to brush well to get all the "sugar bugs" out.  I have been using that phrase since Josh and Caleb first started brushing their teeth at a year old.  I guess I should have been a dental hygenist. 

The boys have always been good about brushing their teeth.  They think it's fun and it certainly is a good thing.  Simon wants to brush his teeth all the time and so he has a toothbrush in our bathroom as well as his.  He mostly sucks on them and so I definitely go behind him and do the brushing.  He is watching his older brothers though, and I am sure (as with other things) he will soon be imitating them with the brushing. 

Here's the toothbrushing scene at my house.

Man, they sure have dirtied up that mirror!

Sweet big brother!


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