Friday, October 1, 2010

Marker Mayhem, Thrills and Spills and Lip Shaving Fun

Yesterday, was full of surprises (and not the good kind either).  For those who saw my FB status and were curious, this post will reveal all. 

It's good to be a Mom.  You get all kinds of perks.  However some days the perks seem to be practically none existent and instead it feels like you are being "punked".  Do you know what I mean?  Like someone is there taping this crazy event and is just wanting to see how you react to it.  Will she cry?  Will she yell?  Will she have a meltdown and lock herself in the closet (the closets in this house are narrow, but I can still fit)?

So yesterday was a "punked" kind of day.

Marker Mayhem
The morning started off with some unsupervised art.

Apparently, I can't take 5 minutes to go to the bathroom without a little boy getting into trouble!
(Don't worry Katie, it all came off!)

There he is...T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!

How can I be mad at that little face? 

I found another picture on the wall later that evening....he was busy wasn't he?

Thrills and Spills
Later on at lunchtime, Simon got mad.  He was mad at Caleb who was teasing him by wearing Simon's wellies.  Simon was strapped in his booster seat at the table, eating lunch.  He gets so mad at Caleb that he is rocking the chair a little and he pushes out from the table with his feet.  Of course the chair goes over backward and Simon goes along for the ride.  I don't have a picture of this because of course he is screaming and I have a moment of panic over trying to figure out if he is hurt or just scared.  And he was not hurt.  Thankfully! 

Here is the chair he sits's a heavy chair. 
I'm not really sure how he had the strength to do that. 
Maybe he becomes Hulk-like when he's angry?

Lip Shaving Fun
Later that evening...(sorry just wanted to sound like a comic strip)Josh comes into the kitchen saying he hurt his lips.  I look at him and sure enough there is blood on his lips. 
Worriedly I ask, "What happened?  How did you do that?"
He vaguely says, "I don't know.  There was a sucky thing and it hurt my lips."  ????
Incredulously I say, "What sucky thing? Where were you?  Where did you get it?  Show me."
So he leads me back to my bedroom where he points to this:
it was lying there on my bed.  (He had gotten it down from my dresser.)  It's a fabric shaver and there is a little blade inside which removes the little balls off your clothes. 
 Joshua found out that it also removes lip skin!

This was taken this morning.  Poor thing. 

As I am getting him cleaned up and all, I ask him why he put that to his mouth and he just said he didn't know.  I then preceed to tell him that perhaps we shouldn't put things on our mouths or in our mouths that aren't edible.  Ecspecially when we don't know what that thing is.  I really hope he learned his lesson.

No one ever jumped out and said, "You're being punked!".  It's just my life, it's real and I LOVE it!   

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