Saturday, October 9, 2010

Member One Boot Camp Week #10

The first day I was able to work out this week was Wednesday and I feel like I got a pretty good one.  I started off with a mile wog around the neighborhood.  I listened to Toby Mac to get my heart singing and my blood pumping.  It was cold...I don't like running and trying to breathe when it's cold.  It hurts.  When I got home I did some arm exercises.  I did a shoulder press and then an overhead press with a squat ten times each then repeated.  Then I did a bicep curl with a stationary lunge, 10 on each side and then a stationary squat with a supinating bicep curl (up with palms facing up, down with palms facing down), 10 on each side.  Then I did a front raise with palms facing up, 10 times.  And then  repeated.  Then I did a stationary lunge with a row.  10 on each side.  Then a tricep extension, 10 times.  Then repeated.  Then I finished up with a 30 second plank and 30 second side planks.  Also a good stretch.  The clouds were moving fast that morning and it was fun to watch.  I may have been daydreaming and stretched for longer than necessary.  On Thursday we took a mile and a half hike at our favorite hiking spot and then on Friday I took a mile walk. 

I am not going to measure myself...I've decided to wait until I go to MOPs on the 25th where I will get measured anyway. 

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  1. Sounds like you did a really great workout! I took the day off from exercise and watched movies all day!



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