Sunday, October 10, 2010

Joshua's Field Trip to Sinkland Farms

 I had the privilege to go with Joshua and his Kindergarten class to Sinkland Farms on Friday.  Actually all 5 Kindergarten classes went and we all piled on buses for the short trip there.  After this trip, I am very appreciative of all teachers do and the group of Kindergarten teachers from Joshua's school are exceptional. 
Joshua's first school bus ride.  He had been on buses before but never a school bus. 

So excited!

Once we get off the bus we took a group photo of Joshua's class.

Joshua and two of his friends. 
These guys were my group.  I was a chaperone.

We took a hayride up to the pumpkin patch.  This is not a great pic but it's the only one I got of him out in the pumpkin patch.
What with all the Kindergarten classes being out there at once it was hard to keep my eye on my group. 
I'm not really sure why, but I think pumpkins are so pretty!

Lunch time!  Joshua was so proud of his lunch sack that he decorated with Halloween stickers.

We were able to pet a horse, some donkeys, a cow and some goats.  This little guy was 8 months old.

There was a little hay maze that the kids had fun running around in.  Side note: There were only port-a-pottys to use out at the farm.  NOT fun with all these kids!

Then we got to do a corn maze!

This was our map...Joshua's teacher led us through.  I was really confused so that was a good thing.

I saw this little guy sitting where a kernel should be.  I like bees.  They're so busy!

It was absolutely beautiful weather that morning and the kids had a blast!  Josh was able to pick out a pumpkin to bring home and so was I.  Josh had to leave his at school for a project they are going to do with it on Monday.  Not sure what, but I am sure it will be fun.  All in all, it was a good experience to be a chaperone and I am certain I will do it again if given the chance.  I loved being able to see Josh interact with his friends.  Kindergarten can be a little wild but they are so sweet too.

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