Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Letter F and the Number 6

During this week we talked about many f-words but we really spent time talking about fish, frogs and firemen.  We read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and then made our own rainbow fish. I used the template HERE to trace a fish onto construction paper and then had the boys use their glue sticks to put on the tissue paper "scales".

We took a trip to Gander Mountain, the sporting goods store, and had a F scavenger hunt. The boys found fishing items, fur(on stuffed animals), furniture, and more. There is a room, in the back of the store, in which you can practice shooting a bow and arrow. There were several men in there practicing on that day and the boys liked watching.

We looked at some pictures of the different life stages of frogs. Eggs, tadpoles and frogs. I just searched for "pictures of frog life cycle" on google and then showed them real pics of each stage. Then we made a life cycle wheel that I found HERE I showed them how to do frog jumps as an exercise. They tried to hop over eachother...so then it just turned into a wrestling match. We did exercises by sixes. 6 push-ups, 6 leg-lifts, 6 frog jumps, etc...

We did several frog things over the course of the week. We sang The Little Green Frog, which I had forgotten the words to but I found it HERE and we made a little frogs using a empty toilet paper tubes, which I found HERE.

We read some books that we have about firemen and dressed up as firemen. We learned the 3rd commandment, "Do not misuse God's name" and sang all three everyday. For the song you can find it HERE.

We also talked alot about family and friends. I was amazed and blessed to hear Josh and Caleb name their family members and talk about the things they liked about each family member. So we all traced a hand and on each individuals hand I wrote, for example: "Joshua is special because..." and so on. Then everyone mentioned what they thought was special about that person and I wrote it on their paper hand. Then I cut the hands out and strung them up and hung it on our dining room light fixture. This is the only thing I managed to get a picture of during that week!

We also read some more out of James and Giant Peach and of course we did the tracer pages for the letter F and the number 6, which you can find HERE and HERE. We also did the red coloring page that is found HERE.

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