Friday, May 7, 2010

Boot Camp Week #9

Well, I started off this week with a weak Monday.  I was not fully recovered from my virus on Monday, but I went anyways.  I was able to do a warm up lap and then 1 of the 3 stations she had set up to do.  It was running the length of the basketball court, squatting side step to corner and then grapevine back to where you started.  Changing sides each time.  I was on my 4th go when I suddenly felt all lightheaded, dizzy and nauseous.  So after resting a bit, I decided I should go home and take another day of rest. 

Josh and I did walk and jog (or as my friend Gail says "wog") for 2 miles on Saturday.  His little legs were sore Sunday and Monday.  I told him that is how he knows he worked his muscles good. 

Wednesday, our instructor had 10 stations set up and we did each station for 30 seconds.  We almost got through it twice.  The time it took us between transistions took longer than she expected.  She thought we might be able to get through it three times!  The stations were fun.  There was one for jumping rope, for plank bops (that is not the real name but that is what I call it), walking lunges with a tricep exercise, running with weights overhead, wall squats with weight lifting, step ups (on to a bench with weights) and there were medicine balls which we held in our knee and did one-leg crunches with them.  I know I am leaving some out but I don't want to bore ya!  I felt like it was a good workout.  I definitely like it when she does different stations.

Friday was brutal!  For me anyways.  We ran intervals like we do on most Fridays.  Then came the hard part, I think the instructor called them Push Up Planks.  Which I thought would be one exercise but no, it was just the explanation for a series of exercises.  You do 10 push ups and then a plank for 20 seconds.  Then 9 push ups and a side plank for 20 seconds.  Then 8 push ups and then plank on the other side for 20 seconds.  Then 7 push ups and a plank for 20 seconds.  And so on and so on....all the way to 1 pushup and a final plank.  So truthfully I only did 3 or 4 pushups when it got to 6 and arms just wouldn't do it.  Like I said earlier, it was brutal.  Then we did different ab exercises and arm exercises at the same time.  All in all, I am a tired girl and I have so much to do today!  Lord, give me strength!

I am going to start calorie counting again.  Starting today.  I am going to make an effort to prepare and organize my snacks so I am not just grabbing junk to eat or eating too much.  I really need to get this butt into shape!

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