Friday, May 14, 2010

Boot Camp Week #10

This Monday I did not make it to BC so that afternoon I did a tabata with my helpful hubby timing me.  See the post Boot Camp Week #6 for an explanation of a tabata.

On Wednesday we did the whole workout in the parking lot. It's a big rectangle and so we ran the long sides with our weights held above our heads and then we did a different exercise each time we got to the short sides. Such as walking lunges with a bicep curl and then the next side we would do squat pivots. Then we ran a lap around the rectangle. Then we would go to our mats and either use the curb to do an exercise or do something on our mats. We would do 3 exercises and then do the parking lot rectangle routine. I think we did that twice. Then the next time we did exercises we stayed at the curb to do cardio. We worked all muscle groups and it was a good workout for me. All those lunges about killed me though!

Today(Friday), I was still sore from Wednesday and I was praying that we wouldn't do much with legs this morning.  We ran our intervals like usual but then we did a running tabata.  Sprint for 20 seconds/walk for 10 seconds for 4 minutes total.  Then we did lots of barbell and stretch band exercises for arms and abs.  Even doing squats and lunges with some of them.  It was a good work out.  Hopefully it will work out the soreness left over from Wednesday. 

Next week is our last week for this session and then the summer starts up the first week of June.  So I may do a Workout post the last week of May, when we have "off", but it won't be a boot camp one.  I am excited to see if I do better at the physical test at the end of this camp then I did at the beginning.

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