Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Cookie Bouquet

I recently tried my hand at making a cookie bouquet.  I thought I would share what I did with a little tutorial, since I think it turned out pretty cute. 

I used a terra cotta pot and painted it dark brown.

I planted a box-lid of rye grass about 2 weeks ago and had my helpful, hubby cut out a circle of it to put in the pot.  I put a square of newspaper on the bottom and then filled it with dirt.  Then I put the circle of grass on top. 

I made sugar cookies in the shape of tulips using a cookie cutter and used the long cookie sucker sticks.  I had never made them before so I just kind of guessed at how to do it.  I cut out the dough and then put the stick on the cookie sheet and then put the tulip on the end of the stick where it was positioned halfway up the cookie.  then I kind of flattened it a bit on to the stick.  Then I just baked them normally.

I made the cookie bouquet as a way to display the sugar cookies that I made for a friends baby shower.  The cookies were the guest favors.  So I had a lot of cookies, I think 6 dozen.  I was making cupcakes for this shower also and I was a little overwhelmed with all I had going on.  Thank goodness for helpful friends!  When it came time for icing them I had helping hands and it went by fast.  We used a sugar cookie icing recipe which I found HERE that I love!  It is super easy to make and you can just spread it on and it smoothes itself out and hardens overnight! 

The next morning I iced on the details with regular decorators icing, it's a recipe out of a cake decorating book I have, and then waited for that to dry.  Then it was time to bag them all and tie them up with ribbon.

Then I just poked the ends of the sticks down into the grass and soil.  It was soft so it wasn't hard to do.  Here is the finished bouquet.

Here are some of the other cookies that I made.  They were baby rattles and butterflies (but I didn't take any pictures of those).

Here was the display at the shower.


  1. Those are so! Cute!! You did a great job! I never would have thought to put real grass in the pot.

  2. Those turned out really well. I am impressed. When do you start your business? lol.


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