Friday, April 16, 2010

Boot Camp Week #6

Monday was a good workout. We did mostly strength training exercises. I was pretty sore ecspecially in my abs. We did a some Tabata Training which I had never done before. (Click on the words "Tabata Training" and it will take you to a description.) It was pretty intense.

Tuesday I was very tired and so I didn't do much on my own as far as exercise. I did walk to the park with the boys, but there and back is not even a mile.

Wednesday was my favorite workout of all so far. We walked 1/2 a lap on the track doing bicep curls with our weights (3 sets of 10) and then jogged a 1/2 lap. So we would do a different arm exercise during one lap and then jog the next. I think we ended up doing 8 laps or so. Then we did some ab stuff on our mats.

Thursday I just walked to the park again. Not much else.

Friday we ran intervals and then did some strength training with bar bells. We used them to work out our arms, back and abs. I feel pretty good this morning. Despite the sneezing and snorting that I have been doing thanks to the Spring allergies.

No reported weight loss this week. I wish I could say differently.

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