Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentines Banner

Ok, I'll be honest with you all.  I've never really had much patience for Valentines day.  Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of showing those in your life that you love them.  (I think that should be everyday)  But do we really need all the stuff to do it?  I've just always thought it was a little overkill.  But this year, I have really wanted to see some of this cute stuff in my house.  I don't want to pay for it though, so I am going to make my own Valentines decorations.  I started off with this simple banner and just used stuff that I already had in my craft supplies.  

These are just those paper doily hearts, pink ribbon and some buttons.  I laid them out like I wanted them to look before gluing.

I made a little loop with the ribbon and hotglued the ends together.

Then I put some hotglue on the end of the loop and fixed it to the heart, immediately pressing a button on top of the hotglue that seeped through the holes.

Then I took a piece of the same ribbon, precut the length of the mantel, and strung the hearts from it.  I hotglued a big button on each end of the ribbon and used double sided foam tape to secure it to the mantel.

 There is a close up of the big button.

Happy Valentines Day!

More tutorials for decorations are coming!



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