Monday, January 10, 2011

Baxter 01/19/2000 - 12/26/2010

About 10 years ago my Aunt Dorenda asked if we wanted a puppy from her newest liter of Yorkshire Terriers.  So a sweet little puppy, that we named Baxter, came into our lives.  He slept in our bed and would sleep curled up at the top of Troy's head on many a night.  He was a good lap dog and a fierce protector.  Like many small dogs he compensated for his lack of size with a lot of attitude.  He was even known to chase after a UPS truck a time or two.  We had to leave him in the states for almost a year while we lived in Scotland.  But we all missed him and were glad to get him back when we came home.  When we moved to Virginia we decided to find a new home for him because he was in bad health and we were concerned that he would not make the trip well or survive a cold winter.  So sadly we were not with him when the time came for him to leave this world.  I know that we will never forget our precious Baxter.

Baxter in February 2007.

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