Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fabric Rosette Pin

I've been wanting to try to make a fabric rosette for awhile and then I saw a tutorial for them at AliLilly and thought she made it look pretty easy.  I was able to follow her instructions and make my own fabric rosette pins.  I made six of them.  5 for gifts and 1 for me!  I put mine on the strap of my purse and I love that it adds a little bit more "girl" to my purse.

I also followed her tutorial for making these tissue paper rosettes.  She made a heart wreath with hers but I made some decorative balls with mine.  Again, she had good instructions.  The only thing it did not say was that it takes a long time!  In my opinion.  It is definitely not a quick craft, especially if you are covering a lot of area with your little rosettes.  But it does look pretty!

This button links directly to AliLilly for all her fun tutorials:



  1. I think you did GREAT!! They look very sweet and pretty! Thanks so much for trying them out and for the sweet "shout out"

  2. OH!! and your right I should of mentioned how time consuming they are! I made all of mine while watching dvr'd episodes of Pawn Stars and Storage Wars!! HA! :)


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