Thursday, November 18, 2010

Caleb's 5th Birthday

Caleb turned FIVE this past weekend!  For weeks up until his birthday he would ask, "Am I five yet?"
Now that he is five he asks, "Am I still 5?"
We had a little party on Saturday and the weather was beautiful which was a good thing since all our games and activities we planned on doing at the park.  When our guests arrived we took kites, bubbles and our big bowling set down to the park and played for about 45 minutes.  Then we came back to the house for cake, ice cream and of course presents!  It's so nice that Caleb has made some friends at school and that they were able to come and celebrate with us.  

Blowing bubbles with friends.

Troy helping M get ready to fly a kite.  There is Josh and Simon in the background.

There was some horse racing with Caleb and his friend H.

Boys being boys.

Caleb and his Star Wars birthday cake.

Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday".

Caleb and his friend M.

Caleb and his friend C.  
Caleb, with Simon's help, used up all the finger paint that very night!

Caleb and his friend H.  Caleb went to play at H's house last week after preschool and had a blast.

Here is Caleb with his musical card...he loves it!  
He has been begging for a card that "plays music" for a while now.
Funny little guy!

Here is the race car track that he got thanks to gift cards and money from family members.  
All the boys have loved playing with this!

We are so thankful for you Caleb and we are enjoying watching you turn into a thoughtful and funny young man!  May the Lord lead you and guide you in all you do!  We love you!

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