Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to Blogging and the Basics

Blogging has not been at the top of my To Do list lately and I have missed it.  This season is so hectic for all of us but I am really trying to keep it simple this year.  We've had family here to visit and we have all had our bouts with one illness or another and I have been making cakes.  Yay for cake orders.  I have taken my last one for the year though.  I just have too many other things that I want to do with my family.

While in Michael's, the other day, I was struck with how much is available for us.  I was overwhelmed with the selection of ribbon.  I just wanted green ribbon.  There were too many choices.  I felt stressed just looking at all the stuff.  It made me feel this since of urgency, to craft and create all these Christmas ornaments and decorations and treats.  The message it all seemed to send to me was, "We are here to make your Christmas the most wonderful Christmas that you can possibly have.  If you don't get us, than your Christmas will be sorry."

I almost fell for it.  What a lie!  Wouldn't Satan just love it if he could get you and I so involved with the external and superficial preparation for Christmas that we forget to prepare our hearts?  You bet he would!  He'd like nothing better than for you and I to get all wrapped up in the gift-giving and getting, the decorations, the food, the parties, the pagents, etc., etc... and forget the main reason why this holiday was even created in the first place.  Jesus' birth.  Our Savior.  Thank you God.  So with the warning I received at Michael's still echoing in my heart, I am going to be intentional this wonderful season.  Intending to not be excessive with anything but love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, meekness and self control.  And maybe with blog posts too!

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