Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Surprise Visit From My Sister Melinda

So I am standing in my kitchen, not this past Sunday night but the one before, and Melinda walks through my back door (which is in my kitchen) and it takes me like 15 seconds for a flood of emotions to go through my head.  At first scared, because someone is coming in my house without knocking and I know for a fact that all of my family members are in side.  Then denial because my brain does not know what to do with the image of the person I recognize as being there in my house.  Then astonishment that it really is her and she really is there.  Then surprise because I was not expecting her.  Then joy with tears because I am so happy to see her and so excited that she is there!  I literally peed a little in my pants during those seconds also because I am a big wuss and really if someone came into my house to attack me...I would probably pee and/or barf on them!  Just being real here.  I think she got it all on video, yay. 

Anyways, she stayed until this past Thursday and I was sad to see her go.  We got to spend some quality time together and the only thing missing was my other sister Melanie.  That would have made it perfect.  I will get to see Melanie on Wednesday though!  I'm leaving to go to Texas tomorrow and will be seeing my family and some good friends.  I am going all by myself.  I've never flown by myself before.  I've got books to read and Dramamine for motion sickness.  I'm going to miss my boys but it will be a good rest. 

Here are some pics of some fun we had while Aunt Minda was here.

We went and got pedicures.  I got dark purple and she got red.  Pedicures are my favorite!

We took a walk downtown and ate at Moe's and Ben and Jerry's.  
Caleb took this picture and the next one.

Minda and Caleb by one of the many Hokie Bird statues around town.

Chocolate ice cream goatee.

We went for a walk around the neighborhood.

We made a pirate pumpkin.  Arghhhh!

And of course there was lots of snuggles.

We also dressed the boys up in their costumes and took them to a fall festival at Joshua's school.  It was fun but really chaotic!  I'll do a separate post on that event as we took lots of pictures.

I love that my sister thought to surprise me and it couldn't have been timed better!  Thanks Minda, I love you!

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  1. So glad you had the time with your sister. Have fun in Texas - you will do fine with the travel!



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