Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simon's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe my Simey is two!  Where has my baby gone?!  Since I left to go to Texas on his birthday we had a little celebration for him the night before.  He really liked that he got to blow out the fire on his candles! 

He dug right in!

Judging by the amount of cupcake on his face, in his lap and on the floor; I'd say he ate half a cupcake!

He was saying "Wash hands."  Hahaha!  His hands were cleaner than his face!

"Cheese!"  Now I know what he would look like with a beard!

After a bath...he opened some presents from his brothers.  A Leapfrog Tag Junior....

and a movie.

Toy Story 3!

We are so proud of you Simon and we love you very much!  May the joy you exude carry over into the years to come!  Happy Birthday!

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