Monday, November 15, 2010

Carnival and Pumpkin Carving

 Josh and Caleb wanted to be Jedi's this year so I bought some material and made their Jedi ware.  It was easy to do and the cost was minimal.  They already had the swords and the brown pants and white shirts.  I hope they want something this easy next year.
 There was an occasional sword fight.

Simon was a zoo keeper.  This costume was $10 at Target.  It came with a hat but he didn't want to wear it.

 At the carnival we bowled with a pumpkin.

 We played a bean bag toss game.

 We heard a spooky story.

 We tossed rings onto a spider's leg.

We ran away from our Mommy.

 We decorated yummy sugar cookies.

After a cupcake walk we ate our cupcakes.

And we fished for duckies.
It was a fun carnival and super fun to see all the boys and girls dressed up!

On the day before Halloween we carved out pumpkin.  I drew the face on and Troy and the boys did all the cleaning and cutting.

 Josh was the only one who was really excited about scooping out all the pumpkin guts!

 Simon was a good helper.

 Caleb helped too.

I love that face he's making.  "Ewww gross!"

Troy did a good job cutting out the face.

Josh being silly with a pumpkin "eye".  Yes, that is a piece of turkey lunch meat he's eating.  He's always eating something.

After our pumpkin was finished we brought him in to eat dinner with us.  I said the pumpkin prayer which I found at the Sunday School Network site.  I just pointed to the facial features and things instead of doing it while we cut the pumpkin.  I think the boys really liked eating their dinner with the pumpkin. 

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