Friday, April 23, 2010

Boot Camp Week #7

This was a hard week for me.  I felt very unmotivated and there were a lot of outside contributors to this.  Anyway, I didn't make it to boot camp on Monday.  I had a very long Sunday and that is my excuse. 

On Wednesday we did a circuit training in the parking lot of the school where we meet.  We usually are under the covered basketball court and we use the track around that area.  This was the second time for me to be in the parking lot and it was a good workout.  We did different stations for about a minute and a half each.  There were walking lunges, ab exercises, pivoting squats, running, jogging, etc...

Today we ran intervals (walk fast for 60 secs and then jog/run for 90 secs) and then did strength training. We did some variations on the plank and side plank. It was pretty tough but I didn't give up.

I am starting to see more progress. I will fill you in on the details next week. Like I said at the beginning, my motivation this week has not been to great. I am going to try to find a skinny picture of myself and put it on the fridge door. Maybe that will help with the "I don't want to's".

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