Monday, April 5, 2010

The Letter E and the Number 5

When we did this week it was the first part of March. So I found a March poem HERE, along with the poems for the rest of the months of the year. During this week we continued to learn our phone number. Josh knows it now but Caleb is still working on it.

We started reading James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl during this week and the boys love it, even though there are some big words and few pictures. I think that after we read the book we will watch the movie. I've never seen it and I know the boys haven't either.

We talked about eggs and a couple of days did different egg activities. We hard-boiled eggs and then put tissue paper all over them to dye them. You can get instructions for this activity HERE. We also sang the Oh I Wish I Were a Teeny Tiny Egg song that you can find on that same page. I would give one piece of advice for the egg and tissue paper activity. Make sure you have bold colors and that you wet the eggs and paper thoroughly.

We did the experiment HERE called Egg Detective. The boys really enjoyed spinning the eggs and surprisingly we did the activity without having any broken eggs.

We talked about exercise a couple of days and so we did things like jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and we hopped. Since we were learning about the number 5 we did 5 of each activity.

One day we read The Saggy Baggy Elephant and then made our own elephants using the template HERE.

We made a growth chart this week and talked about how every living thing grows. We are going to take a measurement at the beginning of every month. The boys enjoyed seeing how tall they were and Josh enjoyed telling Caleb that he was bigger than him. We also talked about parts of our bodies that start with E. Eyes, ears, and elbows. We sang Do Your Ears Hang Low and Head and Shoulders

We went over the 1st Commandment in the 10 Commandment Song and then I introduced them to the 2nd Commandment.

The boys did the tracer pages for the letter E, number 5 and also a worksheet for the color Orange. All the ones we used can be found HERE.

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