Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving and Family Fun

I had such a great time during the week of Thanksgiving!  We had family come for almost the entire week and it was so good to have them here.  We did a lot of cooking together and we played a card game called "Golf".  We did a lot of eating too but I'm guessing we weren't the only family in America doing that! 

Here is Simon getting some snuggles with his cousin Phoebe.

Travis and Phoebe are making the rum sauce to pour over the rum cake.  Yummy!

Paige snuck outside for a quiet place to use her phone.

 Uncle Travis, Simon and Aunt Susan are going for a walk.

We are having a leaf race.

We stopped to play on some hay bales.

Sliding down hay bales is a sure way to get hay in your pants...just saying.

Simon really took a liking to his "Uncle Tavis".

 Simon helped Uncle Travis tear up biscuits for the dressing.  
He was so serious about it.

One little...

two little...

3 little Indians!

We went and fed the ducks their Thanksgiving meal.

Simon fell asleep before we could even eat!

After dinner we played in the leaves.

Even the big girls played!

Paige, Josh, Phoebe and Caleb.

Leaf fight!

Aunt Susan and I played in the leaves too.

The girls and I made Reindeer cake pops and chocolate covered cherries. 

We were all sad to see them go.  I can't wait to hang out with them when we go to visit over the summer.  I am so thankful for my family and the times we get to spend together.

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